7 Things That Everyone Worries About When They Get Their First Period

The first time that anyone sees a bit of blood in their underwear, they are understandably panicky. “What did I do? Did I cut myself? Am I dying?” are just some of the things that likely run through your head. After a lot of internal panicking you might come to the conclusion that the blood is menstrual blood, and that you’re probably getting your first period.

I wish that I could say that the panic would subside once you realize that Auntie Flo has come to town and you’re not dying, but it often doesn’t. It can sometimes be the start of things. After all, your period is something that you’ve never experienced before so everything is entirely new.

To help you get better prepared, and hopefully make you realize that you’re not alone, here are seven things that everyone worries about when they get their first period. Just remember that there are some normal things we stress out about, but if you ever suspect that something is wrong down there, it never hurts to talk to your parents and/or your doctor.

Something Is Very Wrong With You

I started talking about it in the intro. It's a natural reaction when you go to take a pee and you suddenly find blood in your underwear. After all, we have always been taught that blood equals bad. It equals cuts, stitches, and possibly a trip to the emergency room. When you see the red stuff it can be difficult to think about the signs of puberty that you've already gone through and that this might be your period.

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You're Going To Bleed Through Your Pants

Sorry, but this is a very real feeling for people pretty much every time they get their periods. Heck, it's also a fear for ladies when they don't even have their periods. Menstruation can result in a surprising amount of blood loss. It will vary depending on the person, and you might find that your first few periods might be lighter than later ones, but the amount of blood will probably still freak you out.

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You're Never Going To Stop Bleeding

You might come to terns with the blood down there during the first couple days of your period, but when it starts stretching to the fourth, fifth, or even sixth day, you might start thinking that something is wrong with you and all this blood is never going to go away. If your period has lightened, that's a good sign. If it has gotten heavier, or your flow stretches to 10 or 14 days, that is when you will want to get some professional medical advice.

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You're Going To Pass Out From All Of The Blood Loss

There's a reason why people who start their periods can sometimes end up being iron deficient. We lose a lot of blood during them, which is why doctors like to encourage people to each a lot of iron-rich foods during their periods. It's very, very unlikely you would pass out from blood loss during your period. If you find that you are light-headed and you're eating normally, you can go to your doctor to see if there is an underlying cause.

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All Of Your Underwear Is Going To Be Ruined

Did you start crying when you got your period not because of the blood, but because you ruined your favorite pair of mermaid underwear? And are you now imagining all of your underwear covered in brown stains? The good news is that period blood will come out of underwear. The key thing is to treat the stains as quickly as possible. Don't throw them in your laundry basket and say you'll deal with them later.

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You're Going To Have To Wear Pads Forever

Did the shock of getting your period when you weren't prepared, i.e. wearing a pad, make you very paranoid about getting your period again? It's understandable. It's also why a lot of people will want to wear pads or light days all of the time just so they can be prepared. I get that you might want to do it, especially if you find out your periods are irregular, but it's not necessary. It can also be bad for your vagina as it can sometimes cause infections. Who knew?

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People Will Be Able To Tell You're On Your Period

Even though your vag and tampon/pad are hidden from view, do you feel like everybody seems to know that you're on your period? Do you think there is some big arrow pointing at your head that only adults can see? I get that you might be paranoid because you're probably self-conscious that something is going on with your body that you're not familiar with. We've all been there. And I promise that adults cannot tell you is menstruating and who is not.

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What stresses you out about periods? Let us know in the comments!

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