10 Sexy Valentine’s Day Cards To Send To Your Significant Other

A card might not seem like the sexiest thing, but it turns out that you can get some pretty *hot* ones. Sure, you might not find them in the stores you get your mom’s birthday card, but there are a world of sexy cards online. And Valentine’s Day is one of the best occasions for a sexy card.

If you’re into NSFW cards, you might remember that I gave some sexy Christmas card suggestions. I’m back again, but this time I’m focusing on Valentine’s Day. You might be thinking about your present, but you should also think about the card, too. Why? Well, these steamy V-day cards will get bae excited for the present and what comes next. *winks*

Here are 10 sexy Valentine’s Day cards you will want to send to bae.

All I Want To Do On Valentine's Day Is You

Clear and to the point. I don't think there is any room for interpretation for this card, especially with the little stick people illustrations.

Image source: Etsy

I Couldn't Decide What To Get

Make sure you order this card right now. That way, if something goes up and you somehow don't end up getting a gift by February 14, you can make it look like it's intentional. I would still encourage you to get something else later though.

Image source: Etsy

We're Like Hot Chocolate And Marshmallows

You think that this is going to be a really cute card based on the illustration. Then the text makes you realize that this is definitely a grown-up card.

Image source: Etsy

Dat Ass Tho

I bet you weren't expecting this kind of heart. This one is, erm, cheeky without being X-rated. The inside of the card is blank so you can write your own hot message or poem. You could even draw an illustration.

Image source: Etsy

Happy Valentine's Day To My Favorite...

You think that it's going to go one way, then it completely surprises you. And it will definitely surprise your SO when he/she opens it up. If you're not in an exclusive relationship, consider giving this to your friend with benefits. It works.

Image source: Etsy

Cocks Come In All Shapes And Sizes...

If you were dating someone who had a penis this color, I would suggest that you abstained from sex and took him to the doctor ASAP. Of course, a purple peen on a V-day card works thanks to artistic license and the little saying.

Image source: Etsy

I've Trimmed My Bush Just For You

We know that pubic hair is a normal, natural thing and it definitely doesn't require trimming before getting it on. Once everybody gets that and understanding shaving and trimming is a choice, we can have a laugh and give a flirty wink at the card.

Image source: Etsy

Off With Your Pants

The description of the card reads, *Pantless is the new black, so take 'em off.* You might want to write that on the inside of the card as it's blank. Just sayin'.

Image source: Etsy

You Make Me Super Horny

Cute, funny, and hot all wrapped up in one little card. Don't be surprised if bae wants to frame the illustration.

Image source: Etsy

I'll Always Be By Your Side

Hello. The good news is that if you're worried about shipping, you can download this card instantly. Then you can send it in a Snap, text, or even print it out and drop it in bae's mailbox. Just make sure no one else reads it.

Image source: Etsy

Are you making or buying your Valentine’s Day cards? Let us know in the comments!

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