17 Photos Of Pink Hair Shades That Will Make You Want To Dye Your Hair ASAP

It’s easy for me to get sucked into Pinterest and Instagram. I go on quickly just to check something then the next thing I know, I’ve spent an afternoon scrolling through endless pretty pictures. It happens. Normally, when I get hypnotized, I am often looking for beauty inspiration. A lot of the time, I’m searching for rainbow hair colors.

I’m happy to look at any hair colors, but I have to say that there’s something about pink hair. At last count when I was writing this, there were a whopping 4.4 million posts with the hashtag #pinkhair on Instagram. Not too shabby, eh?

If you’re looking for some fresh #hairinspiration, I’m not going to make you scroll through that many photos to find a dye job. I’ve done some of the work for you and narrowed it down to some pretty lewks you might want to bring to your next hair appointment. Get inspired with these 17 pretty pink hair colors.

1. Coral Pink Hair

Obsessed with the color and the style.


2. Warm Pink Hair

Filter or no filter, you can see that this is stunning.


3. Pink Bob

Loving this cotton candy pink color.


4. Short Pink Hair

Notice the orange in there?


5. Pale Pink Braids

Amazing. Also, adding this to my “eyebrow” inspiration board.


6. Bright Pink Hair

. . . . . . . .#pinkhair #beach

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So much inspiration.


7. Pink and Purple Hair

? #unicorni #purplehair #pinkhair #teambuilding #bbq

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This is for all the dark-haired ladies.


8. “Strawberry Ice Cream” Hair

Do you want your hair pink, but not too pink? This is your look.


9. Pink Ombre

Make dark roots work with your hair color.


10. Blonde and Pink Hair

Transform a blonde base with a few streaks.


11. Pink Bob

? #pinkhair #lilachair #bangs #hairchop #ledzeppelin

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Try to get beyond the fact this might be Taylor Swift’s doppelganger and look at that hair color.


12. Super-Bright Pink Hair

This is neon pink hair, my friends.


13. Warm Pink Hair

How pretty is this?


14. Fuchsia Long Hair

This would look gorgeous on hair of any length.


15. Bright Pink Hair

This is fire.


16. Multiple Pinks

Why restrict yourself to only one shade of pink?


17. Peachy-Pink Hair

hi B^] #selfie #pinkhair

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I’m all about this pastel color.


Have you ever dyed your hair pink? Let us know in the comments!

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