Here’s What The Color Of Your Discharge Means

There are some personal things that people are down to talk about, but vaginal discharge isn’t really one of them. It might be a normal thing that our vaginas produce to keep them healthy, yet most people find it embarrassing to bring up. It’s worse if someone is concerned that there’s something wrong with their vaginal discharge. That can lead to lots of internal panic.

Don’t worry, because I’m not embarrassed to talk about vaginal discharge. First, I want to reiterate and say that vaginal discharge is completely normal. As with anything, there are certain type of discharge that aren’t normal because they indicate something is going on.

A change in discharge can indicate everything from using the wrong soap, having a STD, having a vagina infection, or tampon issues. You don’t have to totally panic because sometimes changes in discharge can be normal. No matter what, if you’re worried, you should definitely go to your doctor to make sure that everything is A-okay.

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White to Clear

Normal discharge varies in color from whitish to a clear, almost milky substance. It can be thick or it can be thin. There could be a lot of it or only a bit. It's all normal. That being said, if it starts looking like cottage cheese, you could have an infection so you will want to get things checked out down there to be safe. If there is suddenly a pungent odor, it's a sign something could be up.

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Yellow discharge is something you shouldn't ignore. If it's yellowish or yellow-green, something is likely up down there. If it's combined with a strong smell, you could have a vaginal infection, STD, or even something else. Play it safe and avoid having sex until you get the A-okay from your doctor.

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If you're looking in your underwear and noticing something green, you'll want to book an appointment to see your doctor or gyno. Green discharge definitely doesn't fall under the normal clear to whitish spectrum.

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If you look down and suddenly notice brown discharge in your underwear, you'll probably start panicking. You can chill if the brown discharge happens at the end of your period because it likely is a mixture of the old period blood being cleaned away by your vagina. Old blood plus typical whitish discharge equals brown discharge. If you're noticing your discharge is brown all of the time, you might want to get it checked out.

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Pink to Red

Does your discharge suddenly have a distinct red color? You might think that's your period. It could be, but it could also mean that your vagina is bleeding from somewhere that it isn't supposed to. You don't totally need to freak out. Just go to your doctor and get it checked out to make sure that everything is in order.

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Anything Else

If you're seeing another other colors down there, it's a good idea to get it checked out. You might find it a lot of effort and/or to be a bit embarrassing, but there's nothing to be ashamed about. You're taking control of the situation and looking after your body. If it turns out nothing is wrong, you'll be reassured. If there is something off, you'll likely be able to treat it quickly.

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What other things concern you about discharge? Let us know in the comments!

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