7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Met Bae’s Parents

Have you been dating bae for what you consider to be a good amount of time? Has bae met your parents multiple times, but you’re still waiting to meet his/hers? And are you starting to wonder what the heck bae’s deal is?

If you think that you have a pretty solid relationship and you’ve celebrated some big milestones together, you might be wondering when you’ll be able to tick of the “meet the parents” one. And you might have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for what seems like for-ev-er? Does this ring a bell?

If you’re starting to get concerned, I don’t want you to stress yourself out too much because there are a number of reasons why you haven’t met your SO’s family yet. No, not all of them are bad. Start clicking to see the possible reasons you might not have met bae’s parents yet.

Your SO Isn't Ready For The Next Step

You might think that your relationship is at the meet the parents stage yet, but bae doesn't think so. Maybe bae sees the milestones as something a lot bigger than you so he/she is waiting until you research other milestones first. Bae could see meeting the parents as a thing you do only after you're engaged. If you're unsure, you can always ask bae about it and see what kind of response you get.

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Bae Doesn't Think Your Relationship Is Serious Enough

Maybe bae thinks of you more as a fling, side chick, or a friend with benefits. Perhaps, bae does think your relationship is serious, but he/she doesn't think of it as being serious enough to meet the parents. Who knows, your SO might think that's the sort of thing that happens to couples when they're ready to move in together.

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Bae Could Be Embarrassed By His Family

Have you ever thought that this isn't about you? Maybe bae is embarrassed about his/her family and what you would think. You can probably understand this one if you've ever been embarrassed by your parents. I'm sure you have been left red-faced on a few occasions...

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Your SO Might Be Worried It Would Change Your Relationship

Whether you love or hate bae's family, it will impact your relationship to some degree. Bae might realize this so he/she might feel a bit protective of what you have and not want to change it.

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Bae Is Concerned His/Her Family Might Not Approve

Your opinion is very important in a *meet the parents* situation and so is bae's family's. I know you're a lovely, smart, personable girl, but bae could be worried that you might not hit it off with his family. We know that some people get along better than others; it's just the way things go. Another thing is that bae's parents might not approve of the situation in general because they don't think bae should be dating or having a certain type of relationship.

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There Legit Hasn't Been A Good Time

Everyone's lives are seriously busy. I bet it can sometimes be a challenge just figuring out a time you and bae can see each other. Then you add in everyone else's schedules. Perhaps bae has been trying to arrange a day for everyone to get together but there hasn't been one. Your SO might not want to burden/bore you about the details so he/she is waiting until it has been arranged to bring it up.

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Your SO Is Waiting For A Special Moment

Is your SO someone who likes to make every moment special? Maybe, having you come over for tea and cake to meet his/her mom and dad doesn't feel right to bae. Your SO could want to make it a very epic moment which would therefore require a lot of planning and figuring out the right day. Bae could also want to celebrate on a *special* day like your anniversary, someone's birthday, etc.

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Are you nervous about meeting bae’s parents? Let us know in the comments!

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