15 Fun Ways To Wear Tiny Sunglasses Right Now

It’s the dead of winter. We just got over Blue Monday and I will not step outside unless I am wearing as many layers as humanly possible. Yet, tiny sunglasses are a fashion trend.

It might make sense for those who are blessed to live in warm places but small sunglasses are showing up on faces of people who live in all different climates. I wrote about the tiny sunglasses lewk in my top fashion trends for 2018 article and it’s something that you will want to get on now.

You’re probably noticed celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid swapping oversized sunglasses for tiny, graphic frames. And Kanye West apparently sent Kim Kardashian an email telling her that she “cannot wear big sunglasses anymore.” I’m not joking.

You don’t have to listen to Kanye and chuck all your perfectly good larger sunglasses, but you might be interested in expanding  your sunglasses collection with some tiny options. If you need more convincing, even winter days can get very bright so any sort of frame is a welcome addition. Get inspired with these 15 fun ways to wear tiny sunglasses.

1. Half updo and baby sunglasses

Wear your sunglasses low on your nose to show off your brows.


2. Little sunglasses and a printed dress

Swap your aviators for tiny sunnies.


3. Tiny sunglasses and red lipstick

Top two coats off with tiny sunglasses, red lipstick, and a loose bun. #Slay


4. White look and tiny sunglasses

it's phuck all y'all season.

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If Rihanna is doing it, so should you. Swap the shorts for pants on cold days.


5. Beanies, sunglasses, and hoops

Upgraded weekend wear.


6. Small sunglasses and a beret

It’ a no-fail combination.


7. Narrow sunglasses and denim jacket

Darling, don’t be like the rest of them. ? #90ssunglasses #vintage

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A denim jacket and skinny sunglasses is retro yet modern.


8. Round sunglasses and double denim

Denim on denim ? (? by @allison.c_photography)

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Feeling inspired?


9. Wide tiny sunglasses and ski jacket

Matrix Sunday

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I dare you to embrace the Matrix vibes.


10. Oval sunglasses and tracksuit


A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Copy Bella Hadid and try oval sunglasses with a comfy tracksuit and sports bra.


11. Round sunglasses and pigtails

Such a cute combination.


12. Black tiny sunglasses and furry jacket

Hein? Je ne t’entends pas. . #90skid #throwback #90ssunglasses #asos

A post shared by Jessica (@jessiiregina) on

So cool.


13. Colorful tiny sunglasses and bomber jacket

Make black look anything but basic with a colorful pair of sunglasses. Borrow your little cousin’s or sisters.


14. White mini sunglasses and pink puffer coat

plotting ? @mimicuttrell

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Make like the master Gigi Hadid and try a puffer coat with cropped pants and lil’ white sunglasses.


15. Tortoiseshell sunglasses

Brighten up a dull winter day with a cotton candy pink jacket and tiny sunnies with a unique shape.


Would you wear tiny sunglasses? Let us know in the comments!

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