17 Easy Ways To Switch Up Your Boring Ponytail

The ponytail is a no-fail hairstyle favorite for many of us. It’s the thing we pull our hair back into when it’s just not cooperating. It works from gym class to date night. And you don’t need to be some hair wizard to pull it off. One of the downsides about ponytails is that they can sometimes be a bit boring.

If you like to wear your hair up, you can easily get in the habit of doing the same ponytail over, and over, and over. I know that I’m guilty of it. When it takes less than two minutes to do and it gets my bangs out of my face, I’m happy. That being said, I can sometimes get bored of it and want to switch things up a bit.

Thankfully, there are a lot of options. One thing that I haven’t mentioned is that ponytails are very versatile. They can be worn low, high, and to the side. And you can upgrade them with hair accessories or even temporary hair colors. And the best upgraded ponytails don’t take any longer to do. Keep scrolling to see 17 easy ways to switch up your ponytail.

1. Leave some wispy layers out.

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You know those layers that sometimes fall out of your ponytail? Leave them out of your updo.


2. Turn it into a long braid.

If you’ve got super long hair, try this out. Braid the top half of your pony then leave the rest to fall in loose waves.


3. Try a sleek, layered look.

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Use a bit of hair gel to coax your tresses into this layered-look style.


4. Add a bow instead of a plain hair tie.

Don’t forget about the importance of hair accessories. A bow makes any pony look twice as cute.


5. Do a side French or Dutch braid.

Don’t choose between a braid and ponytail. Do both. To make your braid look as full as this one, plait it then *gently* pull it out.


6. Keep it loose.

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Do a high pony and leave some of your hair down.


7. Pull your ponytail to the side of your head. 

Let’s show some love for the old school high side ponytail.


8. Keep it low at the nape of your neck.

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This is like wearing your hair down…but not.


9. Add a sparkly headband.

Feel like a princess with a glittery headband.


10. Add some small cornrows.

Add some braids for more texture in your ponytail. If you’re having trouble seeing, get a friend to help you out.


11. Tease your ponytail to add volume.

No need for extensions. Back comb your pony so it looks thicker than it actually is.


12. Twist it up.

This is like the cool-girl version of a chignon. The hair clip is optional, but it does add something.


13. Add a plain headband.

The background is stunning, but also note the way she topped her ponytail with a headband.


14. Use a scrunchie instead of a plain hair tie. 

Scrunchies are back, people.


15. Add volume to the top with a little pouf. 

Add some volume to the crown. All you need to do it back comb your hair before tying it back.


16. Do a double side braid.

This looks amazing plus it’s not that complicated to do. Create two braids at the side of your head then stick them in a ponytail.


17. Tie your ponytail with a scarf instead of just a hair tie.

How cute is this? I’m never going to default to a plain hair elastic again.


Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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