16 Perfect Tweets About Menstrual Pads That Are Relatable AF

Here at Gurl, we like to keep things real. That means talking about things that you might not feel comfortable talking about, even with your friends. (Hello, rimming and period blood smell.) It means answering those random questions that you think might be strange, and it means cutting through some of the bull floating around online. In the spirit of keeping things real, let’s talk about pads and periods.

We’ve covered a lot of stuff about menstruation from signs you’re going to get your first period to embarrassing things that happen to everyone on their period. This time, I’m going to let some others share their thoughts about periods and pads. I’ve trolled Twitter to round up some tweets that should have you nodding in agreement. Keep scrolling to see 16 tweets about pads that you will probably relate to:

1. When you’re in a bind:

Toilet paper: The second best option.


2. Can someone please explain?

Who made this decision?


3. Always be prepared.

Do it now and you won’t have to learn from your mistakes. Trust.


4. It’s a normal thing.

Why do us girls still feel the shame?


5. Help a girl out here.

Hello, dad? Hello, mom? Hello, bro? Hello, BFF? Hello, bae?


6. Such a good point:

Can someone invent a new quieter package, please and thank you?


7. SOS

Looking for a friend with a pad here.


8. That look you always get.

It’s not like approximately 50 percent of the population is also buying pads.


9. And the cost…

We want tacos and shoes. Periods? Not so much.


10. He tried.

We appreciated you trying, Daddio.


11. The surprising relationship between pads and diapers:

So true.


12. Period brain is real.

Once you try wings, you don’t want to go back.


13. Typical period day.

Happens pretty much every month.


14. When you’re scared to move.

That surprise leak. Guh.


15. Special family traditions

Thank you, mom. xoxo


16. True dat.

The best dating advice.


Do you prefer pads or tampons? Let us know in the comments!

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