7 Interesting Things To Do With Balls During Sex

Balls. They’re just sort of there, chilling. And a lot of people are confused by them. This typically means that they are completely ignored during sexy times. If you don’t know what to do, it’s better to just let them be than do something and mess things up, right? We’ve all heard that they’re really sensitive, and no one wants to hurt their partner. Staying away is a safe philosophy, but there actually are some easy ways to stimulate balls during sex.

Besides, isn’t it about time that you show the neglected balls some attention? Just think about how much time you’re devoting to the peen. I’m not trying to make you feel guilty about ignoring balls. If you’re comfortable exploring new things, I’m simply encouraging you to get to know more of bae’s anatomy. Spoiler alert: You might enjoy it as much as bae. Have a look at seven things you can do with balls during sex.

Suck On Them

You might know this one as teabagging, aka where you put a dude's balls in your mouth. Some guys are really into it during blowjobs, while others might not have tried it before so make sure you check with bae before trying it out. If he's cool but you're intimidated by the idea of putting everything in your mouth, you can also try sucking and/or licking them.

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Massage Them

Do you like massaging bae's back? Why not go a bit lower, and more to the front, and add the balls into the mix? It can be great foreplay. Plus, you can work it in as part of a handjob or blowjob. If you're good at multitasking, you can massage the shaft with one hand and the balls with another.

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*Gently* Bite Them

I said gently people, very gentle. And before you get even one tooth involved, you're going to want to double check bae. Some dudes might be into some pressure down there, while some could start crying at the mere suggestion of putting a canine tooth in contact with their testicles.

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Add In Some Sex Toys

There is a sex toy for almost everything. You don't need to go out and buy a specific toy for the balls. You can use a cock ring or even a dildo. Talk to bae and see what he thinks. He might even have some of his own ideas for how he likes to stimulate his balls.

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Compliment Them

I don't mean have a conversation with his balls, obviously. I mean tell him what you think of his balls. If you want to talk during sex, but you don't know what to say, you can start describing his peen and everything you'd like to do with it. When you get comfortable with your descriptions, you can move on to his balls. Who knows, just acknowledging them could turn bae on even more.

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Try A Position That Puts Them In Contact With Your Body

When you're having sex, more body parts touch than just the P and V. Try to find a position where the balls come in contact with your body. One of the deeper positions is normally a good bet. Not only will it be enjoyable for bae, it should also be enjoyable for you because it will offer a little extra stimulation.

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Ask Him What He Wants

It might seem ridiculously obvious, but it's something we can forget when we're lost in the moment. If you cannot think of what to do with those testicles, ask him. If bae is into the idea, he will likely have some ideas, or he might be game for an *experimental* session. You might also find out that your dude is cool with letting his balls be.

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Are you confused about balls? Let us know in the comments!

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