7 Things You Should Never Do With A Tampon

When people design things, they normally have a specific use. For example, can openers are meant for opening cans and eye masks are meant to de-puff eyes. Sometimes, clever people come up with ingenious ways to use the tools than what was originally intended. Just think about all of the cool hacks you’ve seen on Pinterest. Then there are those crazy things people do with normal items that make no sense. Sometimes, they’re even dangerous.

Tampons are something that have a very specific use. It’s paramount that you follow the instructions correctly otherwise you could put yourself at risk for infections or even serious side effects. I don’t want to scare you, but I want you to be informed. There are also some other crazy things that people have done with tampons that you should never even consider. Listen up to seven things you should never do with a tampon.

Use It To Try And Get Drunk

Guh. You may or may not have heard some crazy stuff about sorority sisters using tampons to try and get drunk faster. Just no. There are so many things wrong with this that I don't know where to start. The logic behind it is crazy, and don't even get me started on the ways it can mess up your vagina and body.

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Keep It In For Longer Than Recommended

Girl, if you are lazy, this is one time where you should not slack. I'm being dead serious. Leaving your tampon in for too long increases your risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). It's serious business because TSS can lead to a number of serious complications. Super tampons increase the risk of TSS, but any tampon has the potential to. Therefore, change it every couple of hours and never leave it in while sleeping.

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Use It To Apply Makeup

We've all seen the wild *social media challenges* where bloggers start applying their makeup with whatever random objects they can find. We were given makeup brushes and sponges for a reason. It wasn't so we could apply our makeup with tampons. The brushes are meant for faces and tampons are meant for vaginas, so let's keep it that way. Besides, using a tampon to apply blush is a big waste of a tampon.

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Having Sex With It In

If you want to have sex when you're on your period, and you want to keep things clean, you have to make some minor adjustments. One of them is not leaving a tampon in. First of all, it will make things very difficult, if not impossible. It won't be pleasurable for you or bae. What's more, you could actually injure yourself if you're trying to stick a peen and a tampon up there.

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Pee And Poop With The Tampon In

Hands up if you're guilty of this one. You might take your tampon out when you're going pee, but you might be wondering about going poop. You need to do both. The reason is that the tampon or string could get bacteria on it from either excrement which can lead to complications and/or infections. So, no matter what you're going, always remove the tampon.

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Put In A Tampon When You're Not Menstruating

If your period is due and you want to ensure you don't end up with some surprise leakage, protect yourself with a pad. You should never be sticking a tampon up your cooch if you don't have your period because that can increase your risk of toxic shock syndrome. The pad will provide the necessary protection and not harm you.

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Leave The Same Tampon In After Going In Water

Tampons are great because you can wear them while swimming and they will protect you. The essential thing is that you switch your tampon when you're back on land. You do not want to be leaving a waterlogged tampon up your vag for a number of reasons. First, it won't be as effective. Second, it can cause infections or unpleasant side effects.

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