10 Lifesaving Tips To Read If Your Skin Is Dry AF

We’ve still got a few more months of winter left. We’ve still got a ways to go before we see the summer sunshine — it doesn’t matter what that groundhog tells us. That means we’re going to have to deal with the harsh effects of winter for the next few weeks. One of the biggest ones is dry skin.

In the past, I sometimes felt like I would just have to admit defeat and accept dry, itchy skin was part of winter. But it doesn’t have to be like that. What I discovered is that if you make a few easy changes to your routine, your can actually combat dry skin. Thanks to it, I’m happier and my face definitely is. That’s why I’m sharing 10 lifesaving tips to read if your skin is dry AF. You’re welcome.

Limit The Number Of Hot Showers You Have

I know how good a hot shower feels in the winter, but the heat from the shower can actually dry out skin further. FYI: That includes skin on your body...not to mention your hair. Therefore, it's best to have a quick shower and have the moisturizer ready as soon as you step out.

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Add Regular Masks Into Your Routine

Sometimes, our regular cleanser, toner, and moisturizer aren't enough. That's when we need reinforcements. In this case, masks boost our existing skincare routines. You can choose cream formulas or sheet masks. The key thing is that you look for nourishing formulas that are specifically meant for dry skin.

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Try Sleeping With A Humidifier

The cold weather plus the heating is a bad combination because it sucks out all of the moisture from skin. Sleeping with a humidifier can counteract this. You can pick up some inexpensive ones for under $40 that will do the job. Before you head to the shop, ask your parents if they have one. I bet they have a couple lurking in the basement.

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Switch To A Cleanser Specifically For Dry Skin

When you wash your face, does it feel dry, tight, or even itchy afterwards? That's a sign that your cleanser is too drying for your skin. Your skin should feel refreshed afterwards, not uncomfortable. Look for nourishing formulas that are specifically meant for dry skin. They will still clean away dirt and makeup, but they won't strip skin of its natural oils.

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Drink Lots Of Water

People are always talking about drinking more water. There are many benefits to doing it. In terms of beauty, drinking water helps increase hydration levels in skin, keeping it comfortable. I get that a glass of cold water might not be the most appealing thing in the arctic temperatures, but hot water with lemon would work. Even drinks that are high in water and low in sugar, like some juices, can work.

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Try A DIY Option

If you're a Pinterest fan, you will know that there are lots of fantastic masks and skincare DIYs on the site. A lot of them only require a few things that you probably already have in your kitchen. And they can have great results. The thing I suggest you do is a patch test before applying the mixture to your entire face. That way you can see if it gives you a negative reaction.

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Look At The Ingredients On Your Skincare Products

Skincare products are supposed to be kind to faces, but some of them can be formulated with ingredients that dry them out. The big ones to watch out for are alcohols and fragrances. You'll also want to watch out for products that target pimples because they usually have drying ingredients like salicylic acid. Choosing products specifically meant for dry skin like I mentioned before is the best thing to do.

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Watch Out For Your Foundation

Foundations have come a long way, but some formulas can actually be drying. You might have one that contains alcohol or even fragrances. The formula can also make a difference. Try switching to a cream or whipped version. A tinted moisturizer or even a BB cream might work better.

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Bundle Up When Going Outside

I might sound like your parents when I say this, but dressing for the weather is key. Not only does it help prevent frostbite, it will protect skin from getting windburned and drying out. If you're going to be outside for a while, ensure that skin is thoroughly moisturized before going out the door. And don't forget your hat and a scarf.

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Remember To Still Exfoliate

I get that if you have dry skin, you will want to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. To do that effectively, you need to remove the old layers of dead skin. That's where exfoliating comes in. Dry skin is sensitive so look for gentler options and only exfoliate a few times a week. Using a soft washcloth or a sea sponge with your facial cleanser is a safe bet.

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What are your tips for combating dry skin? Let us know in the comments!

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