7 Signs Your Bra Is Way Too Small For You

Wearing the right bra size is extremely important. When you’re wearing the right size bra, it actually feels comfortable. Plus, the right bra provides the necessary support, thus making all of your clothes fit better. The unfortunate thing is that many of us are wearing the wrong size bra. You’ve probably heard the crazy stats. If not, I will share them with you: Surveys state that about 80% of ladies are wearing the wrong bra size. For real.

There are people who are wearing too big bras and there are also people who are squeezing their boobs into too small bras. No matter what category you fall into, it’s important to get a decent bra that fits. I promise that when you do, you will feel like you have a new chest. I know it sucks to spend money on a new bra, but it’s actually so worth it.

If you’re unsure whether there is something wrong with you current bras, here are seven signs that they are way too small for you. If you check some of the boxes, you can always go to a bra specialist (hello, Victoria’s Secret) and get measured to get the correct boulder holder.

Your Boob Falls Out Of The Cups

A bra is the provider of support. If you're bending over and your breasts come out of the cups, something is wrong. You should be able to bend over, or even hang upside down, and have your boobs stay in their bra. If they seem to be popping out, your bra is too small for you. Try going up a cup size.

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You Have Back Rolls When Wearing Your Bra

One of the most common hacks for finding a good fitting bra is to look in the mirror to see if the band is squishing your skin and giving you back rolls. If it is, that's an indicator that the bra is too small. You should be able to easily get a few fingers under your band. Remember, you bra isn't a corset or a girdle so it shouldn't fit like them.

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The Sides Pinch Or Feel Restrictive

If you're wearing a bra with an underwire, the underwire should fit around your entire boob, and the outer edge should end at the outer edge of your rib cage. If you feel like your boobs or even ribs are getting squeezed, it's a sign you're in the wrong bra size. Try out different cup and band sizes and you should notice a difference.

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The Cup Cuts Into Half Of Your Boob

Do the cups of your bra cover all of your boobs or does it look like you're wearing a demi bra? If the cup barely covers the top of your nipple and you're getting a weird bubble boob effect, you need to go up at least a cup size. Whether you're wearing a balconette bra or a full coverage one, the cups should mold to the shape of your chest.

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The Straps Cut Into You

When you take off your bra, does it still look like you're wearing one because of the intense strap marks on your shoulders? That's not a good sign. You can try loosening the straps to see if that's the issue. If you're still getting the marks, your bra is probably not the right size. Most of the support from your bra should actually come from the band, not the straps, so they really shouldn't cut into you.

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You Have Obvious Red Marks When You Remove Your Bra

If you remove your bra, you might have some faint red marks where the elastic or wires were, but they should fade pretty quickly. The issue is when you have deep, obvious red marks all over your chest and back and they take a while to fade. If they're itchy or even painful, it's a sign that you're squeezing your poor girls into a too small bra.

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It's A Serious Struggle To Do Up Your Band

You know those people who have to suck in, lie on the bed, and do their skinny jeans up with a coat hanger? If you struggle that much to do up your bra, it's a clear sign that it's too small. Your bra should easily do up without you having to suck in or seriously stretch the band. If it's a fight to get the band around you, you probably need to go up at least a size.

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Have you ever realized you were wearing the wrong bra size? Let us know in the comments!

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16 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

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