20 Style Tips On How To Wear Mom Jeans This Winter

Mom jeans started out as a look that only vintage aficionados and the trendiest of celebrities wore. They initially intimidated a lot of people. If I’m being honest, they intimidated me. They might have had the same slim legs as my favorite pair of skinny jeans, but they had that super-high waist and those shorter legs.

The more I saw them, the more I began to realize that they looked cool in a fun, retro way. It seems that others changed their opinion too because you can now find mom jeans as easily as other popular pant styles. If you’ve recently bought a pair of mom jeans and you’re wondering how to style them, or you’ve had a pair in your closet and are looking for a way to make them feel fresh, get inspired with 20 style tips on how to wear mom jeans.

1. Mom Jeans With Black Turtleneck And Blazer

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How chic is this? Style cropped mom jeans with a turtleneck and an oversized blazer. I highly encourage you to add in the baker boy cap.


2. Neutral Coat, Black Sweater, And Mom Jeans

Cuff your mom jeans to show off a cool pair of boots. Keep warm up top with a long wool coat and a plaid scarf.


3. Camel Coat, Pink Sweater, Beanie, And Mom Jeans

Everything, including mom jeans, is cooler with white sneakers and a beanie hat.


4. Motorcycle Jacket With Mom Jeans

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Pair your mom jeans with the same pieces you would wear with your skinny jeans i.e. a cool bag and a biker jacket.


5. Oversized Knit Turtleneck And Ripped Mom Jeans

This look actually covers up the high waist of the jeans with a supersized roll neck sweater. Also, note the hem of the blouse poking out.


6. White Shirt And Mom Jeans

Presenting the classic way on how to wear mom jeans. The half-tucked hem adds major cool points as does the mini suitcase.


7. Mom Jeans, Crop Top, And Plaid Shirt

On warmer days, show off the waist of mom jeans with a cropped top and your go-to plaid shirt.


8. Button-Down Shirt, Leather Jacket, And Mom Jeans

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The leather jacket dresses up the jeans, but it’s the ankle boots and oversized earrings that really elevate the lewk.


9. Moms Jeans, Cozy Sweater, And Backpack

Keep things comfortable with a roomy sweater, cuffed mom jeans, classic Converse, and a mini backpack.


10. Mom Jeans, Vintage T-Shirt And Hair Bow

Go retro with a vintage T-shirt and an oversized hair bow. When it’s cold outside, throw on an oversized cardigan.


11. Mom Jeans With A Beret And Knit

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Even if you don’t have fancy mom jeans with curling seams, you can still copy the idea of this lewk. Berets are very trendy RN and a cozy sweater is always in.


12. Black Turtleneck And Mom Jeans

Don’t be afraid to show off the high waist on those mom jeans. Tuck in a simple black turtleneck into the jeans. Keep things classic with a chain-strap bag and sneakers.


13. Turtleneck, Pink Coat, And Mom Jeans

Let’s just ignore the fact that I can’t do a messy bun, okay??‍♀️?

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It’s all about the proportions of this outfit with the long slouchy coat balancing the high-waisted mom jeans and the chunky shoes.


14. Sweater, Beanie, Mom Jeans, and Sneakers

Stay warm and look cute with a knit hat, fun sweater, and mom jeans. Don’t forget the oversized bag.


15. Furry Coat And Mom Jeans

Remember that there are other mom jeans styles besides blue. All colors look great with shaggy coats in the winter.


16. Cardigan, Vintage T-Shirt, And Mom Jeans

When you’re bored with your sweatshirt, try a bright cardigan and retro T-shirt with your mom jeans.


17. Light Blue Mom Jeans With Black

Make the wash of your mom jeans pop by wearing a black top and dark accessories.


18. Mom Jeans, Tights, And A Sweatshirt

Do you have a pair of distressed jeans? Adding colored tights underneath is a cool styling trick. Plus, it keeps you warm. A cute sweatshirt is the perfect finishing touch.


19. Oversized Coat, Printed Sweater, And Mom Jeans

A colorful sweater plus a long coat and mom jeans equals a casual winter look.


20. Cropped Mom Jeans And A Swishy Blazer

Don’t forget about cropped versions of mom jeans. Team them with a soft blazer and your favorite tee. Add flat mules for a trendy finish.


What do you think of mom jeans? Let us know in the comments!

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