16 Side Boob Tattoos You’re Going To Love

There are a few different factors that make a really good tattoo. Colors (or a lack thereof) and the design are obviously two big ones, but it’s also the placement of a tattoo that makes it something special. There are some popular spots on your body to get inked, including fingers, collarbones, thighs, and now cuticles. One other place I would like to advocate for is the side boob.

At first, you might think that the side boob is a pretty random area. I mean, what’s really going on there? People pay attention to their boobs and their armpits, but not really anything else. With a side boob tattoo, you’ll realize that the area is actually a great blank canvas for ink. I think it also looks very pretty to see a side boob tattoo peeking out from a low armhole or a cutout, or to see it fully visible in a swimsuit.

Want to see some visual inspiration? Here are 16 side boob tattoos that just might inspire you to get inked.

1. Conch Shell

If you love the beach, this is the ink for you.


2. Sunflowers

Any kind of flower tattoo works really well on the side boob because it can be shaped to go with the body.


3. Black Flowers 

There is so much detail in this flower tattoo. Plus, I love how you can match a floral print dress to it.


4. Changing Moons

Always see the moons phases even if you cannot see the sky.


5. Dangling Jewelry 

Jewelry side boob tattoos are another popular option for a reason.


6. Geometric Design

Think about a side boob tattoo as a cool frame for your boobs.


7. Flower Moon Tattoo

Here’s one for people who cannot resist teeny tiny tats.


8. Cat in the Moon

Awwww. Bonus points for it being a Friday the 13th tattoo.


9. Geometric Flower

This has such a different look than traditional flower tattoos, but it’s just as pretty.


10. Orange Flowers

a lot less bloddy now #tbt #tattoo #sideboobtattoo #flower #yellow

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Those colors though.


11. Multicolored Flowers

Finally healed! So in love with this piece #sideboobtattoo @jbroometattoo for the awesome art

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This is as stunning as a real bouquet.


12. Seahorse 

The ocean and flowers are two of the most popular side boob tattoo ideas, and I’m not mad about it.


13. Bee



14. Crashing Wave

Thanks Brooke!

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For the girl who always wants to be at the beach.


15. Heart Outline

This is so simple, but so sweet.


16. Paper Airplane

I’m a little obsessed with this idea.


Do you have any tattoos? Or, are you considering getting your first tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

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