9 Genius Tips That Will Help You Have Multiple Orgasms

One orgasm is great. Two is even better. But, more than that? Now that is ~*mind-blowing*~. Don’t get me wrong, sex can be amazing whether you have orgasms or not, but multiple orgasms can add a whole new layer to the hook up.

There are different types of orgasms you can have. Some of them don’t even involve your vagina. Whether you’re having multiple orgasms of the same type, or you’re having a mixed O, it’s all good. Of course what everyone wants to know is how exactly you do it. There’s no foolproof method because everyone’s bodies are different, and so are the situations, but there are some well-tested tips to help you hopefully achieve multiple O’s.

Ready to start taking notes? Click through the gallery to see nine tips that will hopefully help you have multiple orgasms.

Think Positive Multiple Orgasms Thoughts

First thing's first. Before you even get into bed with bae, think that you can achieve multiple orgasms. There have been studies that have shown that people who think they're going to have multiple orgasms actually have more success. When you think about it, it's a philosophy that can be applied to a lot of things in life. If you think it's a possibility, you can— and often do — do it.

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Remember That It's Not Just About The Vagina

I talked about this in the intro, but there are a multiple types of orgasms you can have including butt, boob, and clitoral ones. Sometimes, focusing on achieving one of those can actually help you have a vaginal orgasm. For example, adding some clitoral stimulation during penetration can be just the thing to help you achieve multiple vagina orgasms. So, try out some different combinations.

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Try To Find The G-Spot

For many, the G-spot seems like this mythical thing. There is some debate about whether it actually exists, but there are many people that say that it's there. It's just a matter of finding it. It's helpful to feel around before getting it on for a *ridged* area of skin on the lower back of the vagina. This is where you want to hit during sex because it can lead to multiple O's. Generally, people find that deeper positions like doggy style can be the ticket.

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Do All Of The Foreplay

Do not make the mistake of rushing into things because it's actually extended foreplay that helps many people achieve multiple orgasms. It could be that build up and the expectation that make people have multiple O's. Try to delay doing the deed as long as you can so you're practically, erm, bursting. Some teasing will also help.

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Try To Incorporate Toys

Sex toys can heighten the experience whether you're going for multiple orgasms or not. If you're after more than one O, consider toys that stimulate different areas. For example, toys that massage your clit or even butt during penetration can hopefully bring on multiple orgasms. Another key thing is to choose things that you actually want to use and you're comfortable with. When you're not comfortable, the pleasure you get will be reduced.

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Allow For A Recovery Period

Most people do not have one orgasm after another. There is usually a period where your *recover* then *rebuild.* During this time, try not to get stressed if something isn't coming on right away because that will not help matters. Enjoy the moment and actually appreciate the orgasm you're having/had. Then you can experiment with new things for the next one.

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Communicate With Your Partner

Bae probably knows your body very well, but it's you who knows your body the best. So, don't be shy about communicating with your SO about what is working and what isn't. Your SO could be trying something that he/she might think is working, but in reality it's not. Talking also doesn't ruin the mood; it can lead to even more pleasure. If something is on your mind, say it.

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Try The Clit Sandwich Technique

Stay with me. Cosmopolitan reported that gently putting your clit between your labia majora and pulsing can actually help deliver multiple orgasms. Who knew?

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Switch Things Up After The First Orgasm

If you find something that makes you orgasm, it seems only natural to continue doing the same thing, right? Well, you actually should try something else. I know that it seems counter intuitive, but some people find that their bodies become overstimulated and touching the same area is almost impossible. *Playing around* with something else can keep the vibes going.

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What other tips do you have to get multiple orgasms? Let us know in the comments!

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