8 Weird Things You Never Knew About Semen

We’re very curious about our own bodies and the interesting and sometimes random things that they can do. Of course, we’re also interested in guys’ bodies, because they have certain parts that we don’t have. Ahem, penises. Besides the difference in having privates that hang down versus privates that are tucked up inside, many of us are curious about the finer workings of down there. And that leads me to semen.

The most important fact to know about semen is that it can get you pregnant. There are also a lot of other interesting things about semen that you might not have learned in health class. There are more weird things that semen can do to women’s bodies and there are things that can even impact the taste of it. Curious? Take a gander at eight weird things you never knew about semen.

Dudes Could Make Semen Taste Better By Eating Different Things

You're probably wondering what I just said, right? You might have heard about dudes who swear that pineapple makes their spunk taste sweeter. Well, other foods can impact the taste of semen including fruit, vegetables, spices, and even something as boring as water. For the record, science is still out on the subject, but, erm, testers swear they notice a difference.

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You Can Actually Be Allergic To Semen

You might jokingly say that you're allergic to semen because the thought of getting pregnant RN terrifies you. However, you can legit be allergic to semen. Sometimes, people can have a sensitivity to the proteins in semen. If skin becomes red, itchy, or inflamed when it comes in contact with semen, it might indicate that you're allergic to it.

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Semen Facials Exist, But There's Really No Proven Benefit To Them

You've probably heard a viral story from a blogger who claims that her bae's semen is the secret to her #flawless skin. And there are even semen facials that exist. In truth, there's no real proven science behind them that they're good for skin. People say that the proteins have anti-aging benefits, but really there's not enough proteins to make a difference.

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Semen Can Indicate Health Problems

The amount of semen a guy produces can change depending on a number of things. A low semen count is sometimes an issue if it's a constant thing, but the big things to look out for are if it's brownish, greenish, or yellowish. If there's blood in it, that's also an obvious issue. If you notice a funky smell down there or any other drastic changes, you probably should encourage bae to get things checked out to be safe.

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Semen Changes In Texture After Ejaculation

Right after a dude ejaculates, semen is generally pretty thick. About a half an hour on, it becomes runny. There's actually a reason for it. Semen thins out to help with the fertilization of the egg in pregnancies. Did they teach you that one in health class?

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It's Apparently As Good As A Protein Shake

Yup, you read that right. I recently talked about this in my swallowing after oral sex article. Studies have shown that semen can be as good as a protein shake because semen is made out of proteins, enzymes, zinc, water, and fructose. Oh, and people are so into consuming it that you can even find recipes out there for semen drinks. I wish I were kidding.

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Hot Tubs Can Affect Semen

If a dude loves to soak in hot tubs, he might actually have a lower sperm count than guy who prefers to swim in colder pools. Crazy, eh? Cosmopolitan reported on the fact, but states that it's okay for dudes to have hot showers.

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Semen Can Transmit STIs Through Any Membrane

Here's a scary one for you: Unprotected penetrative sex isn't the only way to transit STDs and STIs. You probably know that you can pick up STIs from blowjobs, but semen can spread STIs through any of the mucous membranes like the nose and even the eyes. So, think about that before bae asks if you'd like a semen facial.

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What facts did you know about semen? Let us know in the comments!

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