6 Tips On How To Deal With A Bad First Date

Even the best first dates are filled with tons of nerves, awkward pauses, and misread signals. Just think about the time you went in for a hug and your date went in for a kiss and ended up kissing your shoulder. *Cringes* Remember, that was the better end of things. Things can actually go downhill further with some seriously bad first dates.

It’s a sad situation when we realize that our crushes aren’t who we imagined them to be. Or, we realize that we don’t have the ~*spark*~ or as much in common as we originally thought. Other times, it seems like the universe is playing some cruel joke on us, and anything that could possibly go wrong on our date does.

I know it blows to have to deal with a crappy first date after all of the anticipation and hours getting ready, but bad first dates are unfortunately a part of life. Besides, if we didn’t have them, how could we appreciate the really special first dates? The important thing is to keep your chin up after a first date and know it gets better. Here’s how to deal after a bad first date:

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Girl, I'm sorry that your date didn't go as planned, but I want you to stop blaming yourself for every little thing. The reality is that sometimes things just don't go to plan. Similarly, some people have instant connections with others don't. There's nothing wrong with you and you don't need to change yourself for future dates, okay?

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Put Things Into Perspective

You might be thinking that after this crummy date, you will never find love, or even a decent date. Hold up, girl. You are young, and I know you may not agree with me at the moment, but there will be plenty more opportunities for good first dates and shots at love. What's more, you should actually be thankful for having this bad date now rather than later because it can help make your feelings clearer.

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Seek Support In Your Friends And Family

Remember that you already have a lot of amazing people in your life. Surround yourself with them. They will help you appreciate what you already have. Plus, they will be your rock if you're feeling a bit down after your bad first date. They will also hopefully help make it clear what to look for in other potential first dates.

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Think Carefully About What To Do Next With Your Date

Was your date bad because of a lack of chemistry or because the universe wasn't in your favor? If it's the second one, would you be interested in going on another date? If so, you should consider how you're going to contact the person and what you should say about any future meetups. Just be aware that there is the possibility that they might not be down for a second date.

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Remember All The Other Things In Your Life

I've already talked about your friends and family, but I know you've got a lot of other amazing stuff happening. You might have had one crummy date, so what? You've still got all of your hobbies, your inside jokes with yours BFFs, your collections, maybe some pets, some groups you could be a part of, school, your friends at work, the list can go on and on. You have a very full life without this date, and sometimes we just don't appreciate everything we already have enough.

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Try To See The Humor In It

As the old saying goes, try to turn that frown upside down. I get that you probably don't feel like laughing about the date at first, but maybe with time you will. Think about if your date was a romantic comedy, whether you would be laughing about it later. Maybe so many bad things happened that it was almost funny. Even if there was something small that happened that made you smile, think of that.

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How do you recover after a bad first date? Let us know in the comments!

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