Here Are The 12 Biggest Hair Trends Of 2018 You’re Going To Want To Try

Happy new year, everyone! I hope you have an amazing 12 months filled with lots of love, happiness, and adventures. I also hope that you embrace the new year and all of the new trends that come with it. I’ve already discussed some of the fashion and beauty trends that should be big in 2018, but I’m here today to focus specifically on hair trends.

People love to say, “new hair, new you.” It might seem a bit silly, but it does have some truth to it. A new haircut and/or color — or even just a new hairstyle — can make a person feel like new. Personally, I sometimes find that even something as small as switching up my part can make even a tired haircut or outfit feel fresh.

With that in mind, keep scrolling to see the hair trends you will definitely want to try in 2018:

1. Long Lobs

First it was all about the lob, now it’s about the long lob. Yeah, I know that “lob” is already short for long bob, but a long lob is an even longer version of a bob. It’s mid-length hair that grazes the shoulders. It’s an ideal hairstyle because it gives you enough length to play around with but won’t give you neck pain.


2. Lived-In Blonde

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We can thank Selena Gomez for this one. The singer may be back to her natural brunette locks, but she helped ignite the “easy” blonde hair color trend. The look is great for us naturally dark-haired ladies because it keeps roots visible and even looks good as the color grows out. If you like low-maintenance hair colors, this is your jam, erm, dye.


3. Pigtails

Y’all probably noticed this trend more and more on Instagram in 2017. It started with boxer braids then the hairstyle morphed into pigtails. Give your single ponytail a break and try the cutesy hairstyle. You might think it’s too childish at first, but it can actually have a cool boho vibe. To toughen up the twee look, go super sleek or go for tousled texture.


4. Shaved Heads

Did you want to shave your head last year, but you just couldn’t commit to it? Make 2018 the year you shave off your locks. I dare you. The look is still popular with beauty girls. What’s more, you can literally get ready in five minutes. It’s the most low-maintenance hairstyle of them all, but it looks badass.


5. Scrunchies

Yes, scrunchies are a polarizing beauty trend. Some people think they’re dated AF, while others love their hipster look. If you’re anti-scrunchie, you might want to consider changing your stance because they’re back. Plus, there are more options than ever with different shapes, sizes, patterns, and materials. So, give that old hairband a break.


6. Choppy Bangs

Do you think that bangs have to be perfectly in line? It’s what a lot of us used to think, but the latest look is actually about uneven, choppy bangs. Rather than a thick fringe, wispy bangs in varying lengths are becoming more popular. It’s a cute look. Plus, you can cut your bangs at home and actually create the look.


7. Glitterage Hair

If you’ve suddenly heard a lot of people talking about “glitterage” but you have no idea what it is, it’s a hair highlighting technique that involves the hairstylist applying glitter to hair like they would dye when doing highlights. The result is a prismatic look. Glitterage started to go viral for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Expect it to get bigger. It could be the new glitter roots.


8. Boxer Braids

If you haven’t perfected your boxer braid technique yet, I encourage you to look at some YouTube videos on how to do it because boxer braids aren’t going anywhere. After all, they have that cool athleisure vibe and they keep your hair off your greasy forehead and out of your eyes. What’s not to love?


9. Long, Long Hair

Mermaid hair is normally associated with pastel hues, but it also applies to long lengths. I mentioned how buzzcuts are still popular, but on the other end of the spectrum is super-long hair. If you want to try out the trend, but have short hair, you can always play around with wigs, clip-in hair pieces, or extensions.


10. Barrettes 

In case you haven’t figured it out, schoolgirl hair accessories seem to be taking over. I’ve talked about scrunchies, now I’m talking about barrettes. There are actually some grown-up versions of barrettes that are larger and edgier than the plastic clips you wore in your hair in Kindergarten. I was unsure about them at first, but they look cool in hair when they’re randomly stuck in.


11.  Shags

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The shag just might be as popular as the long lob. The best thing about it is that there is a style to suit all hair lengths and types. The general shape is something wispy, usually with bangs and layers. Apart from that, you’re free to personalize the color, length and minutiae.


12. Celebrating Individuality

I know that celebrating your individuality shouldn’t really be a trend. It should be something that we do all the time. However, it’s a self-love moment that is being celebrated more and more so I’m going to celebrate, too. Whether your hair is long, short, curly, straight, or somewhere in between, embrace it. You can still participate in all of the hair trends you want, but make 2018 the year you learn to love your hair, and stop fighting it.


What hair trends are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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