9 Negative Things To Stop Thinking About Your Vagina ASAP

There are some things about 2017 that I sincerely hope we never have to deal with again. There are others things that are probably best forgotten about. I’m not going to go on a rant. Instead, I’m going to focus on something great about the last 12 months, which is the body positivity that was spread.

There were a lot of great social media movements, songs, and even clothing dedicated to loving ourselves. I’ll admit that as much as I feel good looking/listening to the stuff, I can still get down about myself. We all can. It’s during these times that I try to get my attitude in check. In the spirit of body positivity, I’m hoping to spread more of it today by helping you to stop thinking negative thoughts about down there.

Us girls have a number of concerns about our vaginas. We want to know what is normal, what isn’t, and how the “perfect” vagina should look, smell, and feel like. It’s important to know our bodies and be aware if anything is amiss, but sometimes we get too focused on our vaginas fitting some ideal. That’s where the negativity starts.

Hold up. Start thinking body positive thoughts now and have a look at nine negative things you need to stop thinking about your vagina.

That Your Vagina Is Ugly

Stop right there, girl. Your vagina isn't ugly. Period. It's not weird, abnormal, or any of those other negative adjectives. Your vagina is unique, just like you. Vaginas come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, lengths, styles, whatever, and they should be celebrated, just like we appreciate different hair colors or jean styles. It might sound a bit cheesy, but it's true. There isn't only one type of vagina.

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That Your Vagina Should Look Like A Porn Star's

Let's get real here: There is a lot of stuff that goes on in porn that isn't real. After all, it's pretty much choreographed sex done with multiple takes, special lighting, and, erm, some special effects. It's not the non-choreographed, non-filtered sex that we have IRL. What's more, a lot of the stuff porn stars do is very extreme. See vagina surgery, bleaching, Botox, and what not. They do it for their own reasons, but they do not represent an ideal. If your vag doesn't look like a porn star's, so what? You don't need to get plastic surgery or bleach it.

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That You Need To Remove Your Pubes

It's a personal decision whether you want to remove your pubic hair, some of it, or none of it. The critical thing is that it's your choice what you do (or don't do) down there. Pubic hair is a natural thing so you should never feel ashamed about it. Nor should anyone else try to convince you that it's gross or *unsanitary.* It's actually far from it as helps protect your vag. The recent surge in pube products and au naturel bushes are helping us love our bodies for what they are.

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That Down There Smells "Funny"

If it's not the look of our vaginas that we're concerned about, it's the smell. Hold up. Your skin has its own natural scent and so does your vagina. It can vary slightly depending on your diet, time of the month, or medications you're on. No matter the scent of your vag, know that there's nothing wrong with it and that it doesn't need to be *masked.* Your vagina isn't a perfume so it shouldn't smell like one.

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That Bae Will Not Like Your Vag

I don't know bae or your crush, but I can tell you one thing: If he/she is attracted to you, he/she will love every single inch of your vag. Trust me. I bet bae will not even notice the things that you're concerned about down below. Your SO will be too busy thinking about how he/she can make you feel ~*amazing.*~

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That Your Labia Are Wrong

One area that we seem to focus on a lot is the labia. They are what make vaginas unique. Some are pink, some are brown, some are purplish. Some are thick, some are thin, and some are both. Some hang down and others barely do. And it's likely they're not symmetrical. No matter what kind you have, love it. Your labia are part of your body.

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That Your Vagina Is Too Loose

Ignore those random comments floating around the internet where one guy is complaining about a girl with a "too loose" vagina. It really isn't a thing so you don't have it. Vaginas expand and contract in different situations like sex and childbirth. Having lots of sex with different people doesn't make you lose tightness down there. Yes, sex will get more comfortable the first few times, but that isn't because your vagina is slowly stretching out. It's because the hymen is gone and you're relaxing.

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That You Need To Douche

There are a lot of great products for down there. Hello, sex toys. The things that aren't great are products that make us feel that there is something wrong with our bodies in their natural state. Douching kits just might be at the top of the list. Your vagina has its own cleaning mechanisms to keep it healthy. What's more, it has its own natural scent that's normal. It's not supposed to smell like a bouquet of roses or freshly squeezed O.J. So, embrace your vag the way it is.

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That It's Wrong To Enjoy Pleasure

We are literally hardwired to enjoy sex and masturbating. You're not the one who programmed yourself to feel those mind-blowing pulses down there. That's the way your body is. So, don't feel guilty for enjoying something that makes you feel good. Similarly, you shouldn't feel guilty for communicating with bae how to best pleasure you. Sometimes if you don't tell someone, they will not realize what is the best way.

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How have you learned to feel more comfortable about down there? Let us know in the comments!

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