7 Signs You’re Addicted To Being In Relationships

There are some people who love to be single so much that they practically shout it from the rooftops. (I’m sure you know a few people like that.) Then there are people who are cool whether they’re with someone, flying solo, or in the company of a friend with benefits. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the people who love being in relationships.

Can you identify which category you fall under? Maybe, you think you’re the middle one, but you’re actually someone who very much prefers to be in a relationship. Or, maybe you have no clue what you are despite it being clear to your friends, family, and exes that you’re the last one.

To help you figure out if you’re someone who loves relationships, I have a few clues that will help you realize it. If you discover that you are addicted to relationships, note that there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with it if you’re choosing good relationships that make you happy. The issue is when you become so obsessed with the idea of being in a relationship that you will settle for almost anything.

Have a look at seven signs you’re addicted to being in relationships.

You Get In A New Relationship Soon After A Breakup

Some people wait a long time after one relationship ends before they get into another one. Are you the opposite of that? If your relationship ended and you have feelings for another person, do you jump right in? Do you think that any sort of waiting period is a load of you-know-what? It's not a big deal if you're ready to go into a relationship, but it's a problem if you're jumping into any relationship just so you don't have to deal with the feelings of your old relationship being over.

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You Rather Be In An Okay Relationship Than Be Single

Come on, I want you to be honest with yourself here. Would you rather be in almost any relationship so you don't have to deal with being single? Do you feel a little lost when you're single? Does just the thought about going on a dating app practically send you into a panic attack? I get how you might see being in a relationship as the lesser of two *evils,* but the key thing is that you don't settle for a meh relationship. Hold out for someone who makes you feel like a princess.

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You Can't Remember The Last Time You Were Properly Single

Can you tell me right now when you were last single? If you're struggling, that's not the best sign. If you can remember a period when you were *sort of* single and it lasted a few days, you're probably someone who is addicted to relationships. If you can remember times when you were single, were you properly single, or did you have a friends with benefits thing going on?

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You've Stayed In Relationships Longer Than You Should

Have you been in a not-so-great relationship, but you stayed around hoping that it would improve because it seemed like a better option than breaking up? This is another sign that you love being in relationships. It's also something that you will want to seriously consider. If you find yourself preferring to stick in a failing relationship because you don't want to be single, honestly ask yourself why you are so against the idea of being single.

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You Consider Being In A Relationship Part Of Your Identity

Are you proud of the fact that you're the girl who is always in a relationship? Good for you for owning it and being happy with it. Just remember that relationships should never totally define you. You are an individual person and you have many qualities besides your partner. And you should never forget about them when you're in a relationship.

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You Like The Idea Of A Relationship More Than The Reality

Have you ever thought about this one before? Are you intrigued by the ~*magic*~ of being in a relationship? Does it cause you to get into relationships more than the physical attraction that you may-or-may-not-feel for someone? If it's the idea of a fairy tale romance that makes you want to be in a relationship, remember that isn't always reality. You should look at what is actually going on in real life before you commit to someone. Don't base it on fantasies or what could possibly happen.

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Your Friends And Family Comment On Your Relationship Status

Are you the girl in your group of friends who is always with a SO? Do people sometimes call you the Taylor Swift of your friends? If your friends and family are never surprised that you're with someone, it's clear that you have a relationship pattern. Remember, that your relationship status is really your business and you should do what you want. It is useful seeing how friends and family view you to help you decide what category you fall into.

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