7 Things To Do Right Now If You Don’t Like Bae’s Christmas Gift

Christmas can be a jolly time thanks to the carols, meeting up with friends and family, and the belt-bursting turkey dinner. It can also be a stressful time fighting the crazy crowds, having to deal with annoying relatives, and worrying that the weather will ruin your detailed plans. Then there are presents. Gifts normally are a source of joy, but they can sometimes be a source of stress when you don’t like the present and it’s from bae.

Gah. I get it. You were probably so looking forward to ~*bae’s big surprise*~ And then, well, it surprised you in the wrong way. I get what you’re going through. You’re probably confused, a bit guilty, disappointed, and ashamed. You might not want to talk about it with anyone because it will make you feel like a spoiled brat, but you’re also wondering whether this could be a sign that you and bae aren’t as in sync as you thought.

You can definitely talk to me about it. That’s why I’m here to give you some tips on how to deal if you don’t like the Christmas gift that bae got you.

Remember That It's The Thought That Counts

Yeah, I know this could be the source of the issue for you. You're probably thinking, *If bae thought about this, he/she would never have gotten me this.* The truth is that bae could have thought very hard about it and actually thought that this was a brilliant gift. On the other side, maybe bae panicked and ended up with this. We'll never really know, but the point is that bae still went to the trouble to get you something, panic, planned, or not.

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Don't Feel That You Have To Overcompensate

If you're feeling guilty that you're not-so-keen on the present, you might feel the need to overcompensate and tell bae that it's absolutely the best present that you've ever received and that you cannot imagine not having it in your life. Chill. When you become OTT with your compliments, it can come off as insincere. If it ever comes out that you didn't like it, you'll have a lot of explaining to do.

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Do Not Ask For A Gift Receipt

Just stop, girl. Do not ask for a receipt, gift receipt, or what the exchange policy is. Don't do any of it, even if bae says that you can return the gift if you don't like it. Bae just took the time to go to the store and spent his/her hard-earned money on this gift. Even if you don't like the physical object, be appreciative of its representation and the effort that went into it. If you're going to say anything, it should definitely be *thank you.*

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Do Not Re-Gift It

I am all for donations and giving people something that they can make better use of than you, but this isn't a situation where you will want to donate your gift. It's bad to keep the gift in the back of your closet, but it's worse to give it away. Consider what would happen if bae found out that you'd given away the present to someone else. That thought is more painful than getting a bad gift.

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Do Not Try To Over-Analyze The Situation

What is probably so upsetting about the situation is that you're thinking about what this *crappy* gift means in your relationship. Does bae not know you? Are you two not destined to be together? Does bae not care? The truth is that some people are better gift givers than others. Some panic and grab any old thing, others go with trends, while others really think that they did a good job.

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Think About How You Would Feel If The Situation Is Reversed

Before you start complaining to friends and family or you decide to tell bae your true feelings, think about how you would feel if the situation was revered. Would you want bae to say he/she didn't like the gift you picked out? You would probably feel deflated AF. You'd also probably feel pretty crappy if you found out your SO was trashing your gift to friends and family.

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Try To Make The Best of It

Making the best of the situation is good life advice in general. It also applies here. If your SO's gift is something you wear, try to style it to make it your own. Layer it your own accessories. You might even like it more. If the gift is something to display or wear, ensure it's visible when you see bae on different occasions. It doesn't need to be every time. When your SO does see it, he/she will be happy, and that should be enough to make you feel happy.

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Have you ever received a Christmas gift that you didn’t really like? Let us know in the comments!

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