7 Reasons You Keep Going Back To Your Ex

It would be nice if relationships were clear cut, but I’ve discovered that that isn’t always the case. There seems to be a big murky area of whether people are exclusive, friends with benefits, or “taking it one step at a time.” Communication (or lack thereof) usually has something to do with it, along with differing opinions, but so does going back to our exes.

You’re not alone if you keep going back to your ex. I’m sure you have lots of friends who fall into the break-up-get-back-together pattern. Just look at celebrities right now, i.e. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber or Bella Hadid and The Weeknd. There are some valid reasons to consider getting back with a ex, but there are also reasons why you definitely should not. There are also somethings to help explain why you just cannot seem to quit your ex. Click through the gallery to see seven reasons why you keep going back to your ex.

You Think That They Really Can Change

Hands up if you've told yourself that maybe this mini breakup will make bae wake up and realize what he/she has been doing isn't okay? You think that this split was the reality check your SO needed and everything will be hunky dory when you're back together. That may be true, or it might only be true for a brief while. It's also still likely that you and bae could revert back to the same problems you had before.

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You Cannot Seem To Let Go

The longer you're with someone, the harder it is to let them go. When you were properly together, you and bae probably spent a lot of time together, if not all your free time. And after the breakup? Nothing. Yet, you still have all those memories and feelings. What's a girl to do? It's very hard to go through. It's really a grieving period, so people choose to go back to the relationship to stop dealing with it all.

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It Just Feels Comfortable

A lot of us humans are scared of change or new things, even if we might not fully realize it. People love routines and they get comfort from them. When a committed relationship is suddenly split, it can be very hard to sort out. It also makes the idea of reconciliation tempting because you can go back to that comfortable thing that you and bae had. The issue is when we fail to realize that the routine had some toxic issues that were frequent problems.

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You Hate Being Single

Be honest with yourself: Would you rather be in an okay, or even a crappy relationship, than be single? Some people might want any sort of relationship instead of being single, especially if they've been in one for a long time. If you can't remember when you were last properly single, or you jump from bae to bae, you might keep going back to bae just because you consider it the better option of two crappy options.

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You Feel Bad For You Ex

Are you feeling guilty for your split? FYI: You can still feel that way even if you didn't actually instigate the break up. Maybe you feel bad to see your ex go through a hard time, or maybe you're concerned with how he/she is going to get on in the future. It's natural considering you had a close relationship with your SO. However, you also have to remember your own feelings. You shouldn't compromise those for someone else.

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It Keeps You Amused

Are you the sort of person who always likes to have something to do? And did you feel like you had nothing happening if your life when you and bae were on a break? People can sometimes go back to their exes because it gives them something to do or it distracts them from worrying about something else. Heck, some of us might even agree that we rather deal with the drama of bae than deal with nothing at all.

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You Feel Pressured

Pressure can come from a lot of different sources: bae, your parents, yourself, your friends, the internet. Maybe you feel like a quitter for leaving your relationship and you do not consider yourself one so you want to change that. Or, maybe the comments from your friends about *how you and bae were sooooo perfect together* have gotten to you. Remember: You should never feel pressured to do something, even by yourself. You need to look at the situation objectively and decide what's best for you.

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What made you decide to get back together with an ex? Let us know in the comments!

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