8 Genius Tips On How To Have Shower Sex

There’s definitely nothing wrong with getting it on in a bed. In fact, it can be pretty mind-blowing. But if you’re adventurous in bed and looking to try something beyond toys and bendy positions, you will probably look at different places you can have sex.

If you’re looking to break out of your bedroom routine, but you want to keep things private and legal, the shower is a great place to go. Steamy showers are already enjoyable, but they can be that much hotter when you’re in there with bae.

Before you and bae jump in the shower, though, you need to take some things into consideration. After all, having sex in the shower is definitely not as easy as TV shows and movies make it seem. Things are slippery and dangerous, and getting into the right position without falling can sometimes feel impossible. On top of that, the extra water doesn’t actually make things easier – in fact, it can make things more difficult down there. You’ll also obviously have to think about protection and plan a time when no one else is home to prevent any super-awkward knocks on the door.

Once you’ve got that sorted, have a look at eight tips on how to have the best shower sex ever.

Keep The Positions Simple

You're in an enclosed shower with not a lot of space. Plus, there is water spraying down which makes all surfaces *and bodies* very slippery. So, it's not a wise idea to attempt positions where you and bae will have to hold onto each other or support yourselves. You might think it will be okay, then you will find yourself slipping.

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Get Rid Of The Shower Caddy And Bathroom Products

As spacious as you might think that your shower is, you will probably find it a little cramped when there are two of you trying to get into a sexy position. Therefore, you don't want any extra objects getting in the way. Remove shampoo bottles, body washes, and shower caddies to prevent accidents. Getting a shower caddy in the head is not fun. And you definitely do not want to ever consider hanging off of one.

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Lock The Door

Almost all bathrooms have locks, so take advantage of them. Even if no one is home when you and bae pop in the shower, there's a chance someone could come home and need to use the bathroom. It's embarrassing if people overhear you and bae getting it on in the shower, but it's less embarrassing than them walking in and seeing you getting it on. Locking the door is a little extra reassurance so you can enjoy the moment.

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Wash Each Other

It might seem really obvious, but people can actually forget about it when they're focused on putting the P in the V. Washing each other can actually be amazing foreplay. When someone else is washing you, it definitely isn't the same experience as your quick once over with a loofah in the morning.

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Beware Of The Door

If you're in a proper shower rather than using the shower feature on a bathtub-shower-in-one, you do not want to put your or bae's body weight on the door. In fact, you want to avoid putting any limbs, no matter how small, on the shower door. No one wants the door to open accidentally, nor do you want it to shatter. Stay on the tiles.

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Keep It Quick

A quick shower session is ideal because it will ensure that you have plenty of hot water and you and bae won't end up looking like massive prunes. What's more, you won't have to explain why the water bill is so much higher this month. If you don't want things to end in the shower, remember that you can always continue them in the bedroom.

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Get The Water Temperature Right In The Beginning

Nothing ruins the mood of shower sex than you and bae having to break to adjust the water temperature. In the beginning, choose a temperature that you're both happy with so you can focus on more *important* things. Yeah, you still might have to adjust it if you have an annoying water tank, but that's something that's out of your control.

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Have Fun Drying Off

Why should the fun end when the water turns off? Drying each other off can be as hot as soaping each other. Once you're dry, things can continue somewhere else.

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Have you ever had sex in the shower? Let us know in the comments!

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