7 Little Reasons You’re Getting Rejected By Your Crush

Rejection sucks no matter the form it’s in. It stinks when friends bail on you to hang out, it sucks when you get let go from the volleyball team, and it majorly kills when you’re rejected from your dream college. But really, rejection is especially awful when it comes to love, like when you get rejected by your crush.

Just thinking about it makes my heart ache. You develop feelings for your crush, you think that there’s something there, then you put yourself out there and — wham! rejection. Gah. Maybe, you thought that you didn’t approach the situation right, or you did it at the wrong moment, so you try it again. Then the same thing happens. Or, maybe you experience the same soul-crushing rejection with another person. We’ve all been there. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to get any easier with experience.

Normally in these situations, we have an urge to hide under our blankets and/or drown our sorrows in a tub of ice cream, but trying to narrow down the reason for the rejection could help you in the future. That’s where I come in today. Have a look at seven reasons why your crush could be rejecting you.

You're Coming On Too Strong

People are often attracted to confidence, but there's a fine line between confidence and coming on way too strong. Even if someone is into you, they might be put off if you are too blunt or suffocating. You can see where they're coming from. If you felt someone was coming on to you too strong at this stage, imagine what it would be like if you were actually in a relationship with them.

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Your Crush Doesn't Have Feelings For You

I know that it stings even more to think about things this way, but it's a simple reason for the rejection. You could be feeling some very strong feelings for your crush, while he/she might not be feeling the same way. Or, maybe your crush does have feelings for you, but they're in a platonic, sisterly sort of way. Yeah, I know that's no better than not having any feelings, but it could be the case.

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Your Crush Isn't Ready For A Relationship

People like to use the line *it's not you, it's me.* Sometimes, we think that it's lies and it's trying to put a *nice* spin on a rejection, but it could be the truth. Maybe your crush just isn't ready for a relationship. He/she could have just gotten out of one, your crush could still have feelings for his/her ex, or maybe there's just so much going on his/her life that he/she couldn't handle a relationship.

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Your Crush Is Confused About What You Want

You might think that you're being very clear with your feelings and what you want, but maybe your crush has no idea what you want. Maybe, your crush doesn't even realize that your advances are advances at all. Sometimes, people can actually be pretty clueless about these sorts of things. Or, maybe your crush is confused whether you want to date, a fling, a friends with benefits deal, or you want a serious, exclusive relationship.

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Your Crush Wants You To Make A Clear Move

Have you actually spelled out your feelings for your crush and where you want them to go? Or, have you been dropping *obvious* hints and hoping that your crush will make the first proper move? If it's the latter one, your crush may recognize your feelings, but not be ready to make a move. In fact, he/she might be shy and waiting for you to make a proper move as opposed to just dropping hints. Right now, you could be getting brushed off because your crush could be thinking this is all teasing or a game. He/she wants some serious proclamation before committing.

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Your Crush Has Feelings For Someone

Argh, I know this one stings. It's one thing for a crush not to have feelings for you, but it's worse if they do have romantic feelings, but they're for someone else. It can happen. Maybe your crush has his/her eye on someone else. It's also possible that your crush is still pining over an ex. In either option, your advances would be turned down.

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Your Crush Likes Being Single

There are people who are serial monogamists and there are people who love being single. Then there are people who fall somewhere in between. Have you considered what one your crush is? You might think he/she is the type who wants a relationship, but maybe he/she enjoys flying solo and has no interest in being with someone.

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How do you recover from being rejected by your crush? Let us know in the comments!

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