7 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Cleaning Your Vagina

We love our vaginas for the *pleasure* they give us, but sometimes they’re not fully appreciated. Often, we’re too busy complaining about how uncomfortable our periods are to appreciate the complex workings of our vags. Not only do they make sex and masturbating feel H-O-T, they allow us to go to the bathroom, they can birth children, and they can clean themselves.

That’s right, discharge is actually your vagina’s own way of cleaning itself and making sure things stay on the regular down there. That being said, a lot of us want to ensure that our vaginas maintain optimal health so we look for other methods to clean them. In other words, we literally take things into our own hands.

Really, washing your vagina is about balance. Doing it too much, or with the wrong products, can cause irritation and possibly lead to issues like yeast infections. So, before you grab that soap and loofah, have a look at seven things you should not do when cleaning your vagina.

Rubbing It Too Hard

You're washing your vagina, not masturbating, okay? You might like to get a bit rough when you're fingering yourself, but cleansing isn't the time to get handsy. Save the rough stuff for later and gently massage your vagina when washing it. Too much rubbing could actually cause irritation down there, especially if you're doing it with a harsh soap that you shouldn't be using down there.

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Putting Soap Up It

First of all, the parts you should focus on washing are the parts that you can actually see. You shouldn't be putting products in or up areas of your vagina you cannot see. Don't even do it if the products are meant for your vagina. Your vagina cleans itself and maintains a low pH to keep the bacteria balance right. If you start introducing other stuff, it can throw the bacteria levels off, causing trouble.

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Using Products That Actually Aren't Meant For Your Vagina

There are some soaps that are specifically formulated for vaginas. I know it might seem annoying to buy another product, but it's better than using any old thing then having to buy creams to treat an infection. Those scented soaps, body washes, shampoos, and conditioners are not meant for your delicate vagina. The fragrances and ingredients in them could disrupt the bacteria, leading to sensitivity or even infections.

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Inserting The Faucet Head Up It

We've all heard of people proclaiming how great it is to masturbate using a shower head or the bath faucet. But, it can actually upset the health of your vagina. You shouldn't be putting any direct water on your vagina, and you definitely shouldn't be putting a water stream up it. The pressure of that water plus whatever soap you have are going to do your vag no favors.

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Putting Random Things Up Your Vagina

Ugh. We've all heard of the awful vagina trends where people stick random things up their vaginas to make them healthy or to clean them. Just no. Unless it is specifically meant for your vagina, do not put it up there. Period.

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Using Douching Kits

Douching kits are not the greatest things for vaginas. In fact, they're actually pretty bad for them. Your vagina controls itself and it is meant to smell a certain way. It's not meant to be fragranced, powdered, or anything else that these kits try to tell you. Some water, and possibly some mild soap, are really the only things you need to clean your vag.

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Forgetting To Dry It Before Putting On Underwear

You know what one of the causes of yeast infections is? Excess moisture. So, imagine the breeding ground you're creating for yeast infections if you step out of the shower and slip on a pair of panties. Whoops. You don't need to get all up in there with a towel. You can gently pat your vag with a towel or allow it to air dry. Once it's fully dry, you can slip on those panties.

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How do you keep your vagina healthy? Let us know in the comments!

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