7 Weird Things That Can Happen To You After Having Sex

Sex can be really great – magical, intimate, fun, and exciting. But while you might feel comfortable and at ease in the moment, it’s what goes on when you’re both finished that can lead to some awkwardness. Some weird things can happen during sex and I’m not referring to any particular fetishes people might have. I’m talking about surprising things that happen to your boobs, vagina, and more. There are also some weird things that can happen after sex that you should know about.

Depending on who you were with, it be awkward when you start thinking about  whether you should spend the night or whether you should get outta there ASAP, but that’s not the only thing that can happen post-hook up. Whether you’re experiencing some *lasting* effects from your hot session or you’re suddenly feeling in a very different sort of mood, the things that happen after sex can sometimes be as interesting as the stuff that happens during it. Find out what these are, exactly, so you don’t get too freaked out if they happen to you.


You Can Get Swollen Down There

If you've ever looked down post-sex and noticed that your vagina looks a little different, you're not alone. Your vag can actually become swollen after sex from being turned on and/or from all of the thrusting. You need to be concerned if there is burning, itching, redness, or it feels hot to the touch. In that case, you might be having a reaction to the lube or the condom.

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You Get Emotional

Of course you might feel a stronger connection to anyone after rolling around naked with them, but it's also science and our bodies that we can thank for this. Oxytocin is released after sex. It's also known as the *cuddle chemical* because it's the one associated with bonding. It could also be the one that makes you really, really want to snuggle.

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Your Orgasm Lasts A Long Time

Everyone likes an orgasm that lasts, right? Well, sometimes an orgasm can continue after you've finished and you and bae are spooning. Some people say that their orgasms can last for 10 to 15 minutes. Yup. We doubt that anyone is going to be complaining about that.

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You Get A Headache

Headaches can be caused by a lot of things, but sex? Yup, sometimes. There are different factors that can cause them like whether you're prone to headaches, your vitamin levels are off, you're on medication that can cause them, etc. The other time you could get a headache is from the pressure on your neck during sex which can cause tension headaches. FYI: Sex headaches even have a special name, post-coital headaches or HSAs.

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You Feel Sleepy

Feeling sleepy after a hot hook up might be expected given the number of calories that you think you've burned, but there's actually more to it than that. It's a pretty common thing to hear about guys feeling sleepy after sex because of science and a chemical being depleted in the muscles. However, you might find yourself getting sleepy thanks to the highs and low of those body chemicals.

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Your Boobs Can Feel Bigger

Have you ever laid down after hooking up and thought that your chest felt a bit different? You probably wrote it off as from being too much bouncing and/or motorboating, but it turns out that your boobs can actually get bigger when you're turned on. That's right, it's not only your nips that change size and shape. Just note that the effects aren't long-lasting which is why your bra still fits.

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You Get Cramps

Have you ever been surprised to find that you're cramping after sex? You might have expected it if you did anal, but vagina sex? Yup, it can happen. It's normal to experience cramping for a few hours after sex. The cramps can actually be caused by orgasms and semen. Just be aware that the cramps should be mild. If they start taking on period it-hurts-to-move levels, you need to get it checked out.

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What other weird things do you find happen to you after sex? Let us know in the comments!

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