14 Fun Emoji Gift Ideas To Ask For This Holiday Season

If I were to ask you how much you loved emojis, I’m guessing that you would probably text me a bunch of multi-colored hearts with a few smiling happy faces. You might even add some thumbs up or even a few 100’s. If you dropped a poop emoji and a thumbs down in a non-ironic way, you’re in the wrong place, because this is for people who love emojis.

If you, or someone you know, jumps at the shot to rock an emoji Halloween costume, or you find most of your texts being communicated in symbols, you probably are requesting some emoji gifts for the holidays. And if you’re not, I suggest that you get on it because these emoji-themed presents are super cute. *Insert pink heart emoji here* Have a look at 14 emoji gifts that will please all the emojis fans in your life.

1. Sephora Collection Lip Balm

Sephora Collection Lip Balm, $5, Sephora

How perfect is this? It’s a kissing emoji lip balm. The nude balm is as pretty as the container.


2. ASOS x The Emoji Movie Graffiti Clutch Bag

ASOS x The Emoji Movie Graffiti Clutch Bag, $32, ASOS

Remember The Emoji Movie? Whether you loved it or thought it was a big sad face, you will like this cool graffiti clutch.


3. The Casery Case For iPhone 7

The Casery Case For iPhone 7, $13.93, Forever 21

Celebrate someone’s love of emojis and unicorns with this adorable iPhone case. FYI: You can get a version for iPhone 6’s, too.


4. Polly & Esther Juniors’ Metallic Foil Sweatshirt

Polly & Esther Juniors’ Metallic Foil Sweatshirt, $14.99, Macy’s

This foiled sweatshirt has major shine so it might take you a second to notice the emoji. It’s right there on the chest.


5. Emoji Rainbow Cupcake Ceramic Bank

Emoji Rainbow Cupcake Ceramic Bank, $12.34, Target

You know all of that change you have floating around in the bottom of your purse? Stick it in this adorable emoji bank. There’s a slot on the reverse.


6. Estella Barlett Happy Thoughts Emoji Necklace

Estella Barlett Happy Thoughts Emoji Necklace, $32, Nordstrom

Help the wearer of this necklace think happy thoughts with the heart eyes necklace. Look closely and you’ll see that the eyes are dotted with little crystals. Awwww.


7. Boohoo Christmas Reindeer Poo Emoji Cushion

Boohoo Christmas Reindeer Poo Emoji Cushion, $7.50, Boohoo

Looking for a festive spin on one of your favorite emojis? May I present to you the reindeer poo emoji. It’s a holiday gift no one will probably have.


8. Emoji Gumball Machine

Emoji Gumball Machine, $11.95, Amazon

Prepare to lose it because it’s an emoji gumball machine. Yes, it does include the matching emoji gumballs.


9. Emoji Book: How to Draw Emojis


Emoji Book: How to Draw Emojis, $5.97, Barnes & Nobles

Anyone can tap out emojis, but not everyone can draw them. Improve your drawing skills or someone else’s with this how to draw emojis book. It teaches you how to draw 50 different ones.


10. Emoji Backpack

Emoji Backpack, $16.98, Amazon

This emoji backpack is fire. It has all of our fave emojis including the crown, pizza, the ghost, and the heart eyes.


11. Urban Outfitters Emoji Faces Sport Socks

Urban Outfitters Emoji Faces Sport Socks, $8, Urban Outfitters

Kick it old school with these emoji face socks. They’re the minimalist version of the yellow faces.


12. Poonicorn Plushi Pillow

Poonicorn Plushi Pillow, $14.99, Nordstrom

Have you met the Poonicorn? It’s a combination of a plush toy and a unicorn, and it’s all sorts of adorable. Just look at that rainbow hair.


13. Emoji Bath Rug

Emoji Bath Rug, $13.49, Target

This is meant to be an emoji bath rug, but I can see it working anywhere including kitchens, hallways, or bedrooms.


14. Masqueology Emoji Mask

Masqueology Emoji Mask, $3, Forever 21

Stick this mask in an emoji lover’s stocking — or request that someone puts it in yours. The actual sheet mask does look like a smiling emoji giving you ample selfie opportunities.


How many emoji things do you own? Let us know in the comments!

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