17 Amazing Gifts You Need To Ask For This Year If You Love Unicorns

2017 could be called a lot of things. Between the politics, the scary wordly events, and the most recent revelations of rampant sexual assault, a lot of those terms wouldn’t exactly be positive. But because this is the holiday season, I’m going to focus on the good stuff and put in a suggestion that if 2017 was going to be remembered as anything, it would be the year of the unicorn.

Sure, there has been some tough competition with mermaids and millennial pink, but I think the unicorn edges the others out. Unicorns were already becoming popular in 2016 and the trend only got bigger over the last 12 months. They popped up absolutely everywhere, from colorful food to crazy hair dyes to accessories and clothing. It was impossible to do anything without unicorns being somehow involved.

If you or someone you know is all about unicorns, this is the holiday gift guide for you. It’s filled with nothing but unicorn goodness. And lucky for shoppers, these gifts aren’t as difficult to snag as an actual unicorn. Get your unicorn headband on and check out 17 more amazing unicorn gifts you need this holiday season.

1. Unicorn Lashes Original Unicorn Brush Set

Unicorn Lashes Original Unicorn Brush Set, $68, Urban Outfitters

These brushes are pretty epic considering the handles look like white unicorn horns. Things get even better with the pastel rainbow bristles. And then there is that (fake) diamond zip-up case they come in.


2. Nails Inc. Sparkle Like A Unicorn Set

Nails Inc. Sparkle Like A Unicorn Set, $19, Sephora

If we’re not trying to get a unicorn mane then we’re trying to sparkle like a unicorn. This set makes it easy to get the ethereal glow thanks to the sheet mask, nail polishes, and stickers.


3. Boohoo Tilly Unicorn Novelty Slippers

Boohoo Tilly Unicorn Novelty Slippers, $18, Boohoo

Slippers are a must in the cold weather. These cute AF purple unicorn slippers will keep warm. Can we also stop to appreciate the sparkly unicorn horns for a moment?


4. Modcloth Fashion Fairytale Unicorn Bag

Modcloth Fashion Fairytale Unicorn Bag, $19, Modcloth

Why should anyone have a boring black bag, when they can have a novelty one that looks like a unicorn complete with fuzzy pompoms? Exactly.


5. Re/Done Originals Unicorn Tee

Re/Done Originals Unicorn Tee, $95, Revolve

Has your best friend been really good this year? If so, consider splurging on this unicorn T-shirt. She can wear it now under a cozy cardigan and by itself in the warmer weather.


6. Topshop ‘Team Unicorn!’ Ankle Socks

Topshop ‘Team Unicorn!’ Ankle Socks, $6, Topshop

Are you #TeamUnicorn? Then make sure that people know it with these cute socks. Wear them with cropped jeans so the cute graphic doesn’t get covered.


7. NPW Unicorn Ballpoint Pen

NPW Unicorn Ballpoint Pen, $5.95, Barnes & Noble

Here’s a stocking stuffer than any unicorn lover would be stoked to receive. It will make writing notes so much more magical.


8. ASOS Loungeable Fluffy Unicorn Robe

ASOS Loungeable Fluffy Unicorn Robe, $45, ASOS

Warning: Some people (including you) might never want to get dressed if they have this unicorn robe in their closets. After all, it does have a unicorn hood.


9. Estella Bartlett Treasure Me Unicorn Necklace

Estella Bartlett Treasure Me Unicorn Necklace, $32, Nordstrom

You don’t always need rainbows to produce a magical unicorn piece. This necklace has plenty of charm thanks to the tiny unicorn pendant.


10. Pillowfort Unicorn Nightlight

Pillowfort Unicorn Nightlight, $16.99, Target

Nightlights are not just for kids. Fact. This white unicorn version looks good whether it’s illuminated or not.


11. Boohoo Pink Horn Unicorn Cushion

Boohoo Pink Horn Unicorn Cushion, $15, Boohoo

No matter how many pillows someone has on their bed, there is always room for one more — especially if it’s this fun unicorn-shaped cushion.


12. Xhilaration Ivory Cozy Socks And Eye Mask Set

Xhilaration Ivory Cozy Socks And Eye Mask Set, $8, Target

Grab those unicorn pajamas and robe then slip on this unicorn eye mask and socks. Then you’re ready to catch some zzz’s.


13. DCI Unicorn LED iPhone Charging Cable

DCI Unicorn LED iPhone Charging Cable, $18, Nordstrom

The days of getting phone charging cables mixed up will be over thanks to this unicorn LED one. It’s compatible with iPhone 5s and newer models.


14. Topshop Be A Unicorn Book

Topshop Be A Unicorn Book, $12, Topshop

Life can seem a little more magical when we channel our inner unicorns. If you know someone who has been struggling with this year, this is their book.


15. Unicorn Headbands

Unicorn Headbands, $18.88, Amazon

What’s that, you don’t have a unicorn headband? Well, now you’ll have six of them. Keep them all for yourself or give one to each person on your holiday shopping list.


16. Sweet & Shimmer Unicorn Keychain

Sweet & Shimmer Unicorn Keychain, $4.99, Ulta

Your friend will be able to identify exactly what key is hers thanks to this sweet key ring. Of course, you might run into issues if you pick up one for yourself, too. But, don’t let the idea of twinning keychains stop you from getting it.


17. Pusheen Unicorn Christmas Ornament

Pusheen Unicorn Christmas Ornament, $12, Urban Outfitters

Um, it’s a chubby cat sporting a unicorn horn and rainbow hair. Do I really need to explain this one? Buy a bunch of the ornaments and give them out to all your friends.


What gifts do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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