7 Random PMS Symptoms You Never Knew About

Our bodies can do some pretty random things. Just think about the number of times you’ve looked down in the shower, seen something random, and frantically run out with shampoo in your hair so you could Google whether it’s normal. I know I’m not the only one who has done it. This is particularly common when it comes to anything having to do with our vaginas – after all, it is one of the last places you want something weird to go on. Unfortunately, weird stuff happens down there all the time, especially when it comes to PMS.

PMS – or premenstrual syndrome, if you want to get fancy – can do a lot of wacky things to our body thanks to the surge and drop in hormones. Most of us are familiar with the bloating, the cramps, and the mood swings where you want to club anyone who looks at you the wrong way, and the strange food cravings. While these are common and discussed a lot, they certainly aren’t the only symptoms that come with getting your period. There are some other lesser known PMS symptoms you might be experiencing, and you might not even realize they’re connected to your PMS. It happens. Here are seven random PMS symptoms that you can get.

You Feel Less Social

Cramps and diarrhea can make even the biggest social butterflies not feel like hanging out, but you might be inverting into your cocoon as part of your PMS. So, don't feel guilty if you don't feel like hanging out with your friends or your SO. It's not something wrong with you.

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You Feel Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin

I don't mean feeling self-conscious about your body and the changes you go through during your period. I mean feeling uncomfortable with the layer of skin cloaking your body. Some people can feel like they want to jump out of their own skin. Others might feel sensitive to anything touching or rubbing against their skin.

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You Have Poor Concentration

Are you having difficulty concentrating more than normal? It might not just be your phone that has ruined your attention span; it could also have to do with PMS. Thinking about all of your PMS symptoms will obviously lower your concentration, but you might be having difficulty concentrating to begin with thanks to those fluctuating hormones. Too bad you can't use it as an excuse to skip your math test.

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You're Clumsier Than Normal

Pay attention to this one because those random accidents you might be having could correlate to your period. If you notice a pattern when you're tripping or dropping plates on the ground, it could be connected to PMS. Basically the reason for the clumsiness has to do with hormones *of course* and fluid retention. The fluid retention can impact balance which can result in random accidents. So, be careful.

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You Experience Random Food Cravings

We're familiar with how pregnant ladies can get some random food cravings...pickles and ice cream, anyone? Well, we can also get weird cravings during our periods along with changes in appetite. If you're wondering why you find yourself having an intense craving for chicken and pizza, it might not be your foodie ways, it could be PMS.

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You Think You Have A Yeast Infection

Does it tingle and/or burn down there around your period? Are you concerned that you might have a yeast infection, but forget about it because your period tends to come a few days later? Some people can experience yeast infection-like symptoms before they menstruate. How's that for more confusion?

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You Have Trouble Falling Asleep

You can also thank hormones for your trouble sleeping. If you find yourself wide awake at night, but you didn't have a venti latte, you could be PMSing. Therefore, play it safe and don't go crazy with the caffeine around your period. Otherwise, you'll have even more difficulty getting some shuteye.

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What other surprising PMS symptoms have you experienced? Let us know in the comments!

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