10 Randomly Awesome Gifts You Need To Give Out This Year

If you have ever given a holiday-specific gift to another person–whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, or something else entirely–you will know that this is something that is easier said than done. Like, sure, it’s easy when you know the person well, and you can give them the exact book or Harry Styles prayer candle they have been talking about for weeks.

But when it’s for someone you don’t know as well, it’s…difficult. With these people, you can always go the “generic” route and get them, like, a candle or a scarf or something. But, also, what is the point? Candles and scarves are fine items in and of themselves, but to give one is almost the same as giving up the fact that you know nothing about the interior life of the person you are giving it to. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You just have to have some handy gift ideas up your sleeve that, though somewhat impersonal, don’t really seem that way. So, check out some randomly awesome gifts you need to add to your giveaway list this year:

1. Cool chocolate:chai-chocolate

Buy this for $5.99 from Goodio

Chocolate is a gift that, if not quite impersonal, certainly comes across as impersonal adjacent. Still, this chocolate from Goodio is so nice and unique that it makes the perfect gift. (Or addition to a gift.)


2. A stylish cookbook:

Buy this for $23.79 from Amazon

Everyone secretly sort of wants to become a domestic goddess, right? Help a friend achieve these dreams by getting them this ultra-cool cookbook


3. A cooking-adjacent book:france-is-a-feast

Buy this for $19.11 from Amazon

So, sure, cooking isn’t for everyone. But Julia Childs certainly is. So, for the person who yearns to be a domestic goddess, but certainly won’t want to do any of the cooking themselves, get them this gorgeous photography collection of Paul and Julia Child’s time together in France.


4. A new watch:

Buy this for $135 from MVMT

So, if you’re anything like me, you probably aren’t exactly in a position to spend upwards of a hundred bucks on a gift for someone. but if you have a relative who keeps asking you what you want, and you really don’t know, this MVMT watch is a perfect option.


5. A tech product container:porta-play

Buy this for $15.99 from Porteplay

It’s hard to keep the random electronics you need organized, right? This pouch is perfect for traveling or just keeping tech products organized on the daily.


6. Natural perfume:


Buy this for $82 from Pour Le Monde

This unisex perfume is has an amazing, light, non-cloying scent that should appeal to anyone. Plus, it doesn’t have a ton of chemicals in it (like most perfumes do) so you can feel good about waering it and/or giving it to people.


7. A new robe:


Buy this for $79 from Sudara

Robes are some of my favorite things to give and get every holiday season, since they’re something that’s useful all year round but come in particularly handy during the cold winter months. Make your robe present extra stylish this year with this kimono-style robe from Sudara.


8. A nice blanket:


Buy this for $229 from Brooklinen

An extra blanket is another thing that comes in handy duing the holidays–this greige one from Brooklinen is a nice, luxe option.


9. A new bra:Untitled-1

Buy this for $99.40 from Bare Necesseties

Is this a little, um, personal? Sure! But bras are the kind of thing that people tend to forget to buy for themselves–if you know someone’s size (or tell them yours) it’s a great opportunity to give or get a bra that’s slightly nicer than the ones people tend to get for themselves.


10. A new book:


Buy this for $13.41 from Barnes & Noble

A book is a great thing to give to someone you kind of know, but know you want to know better eventually. This one, by YA powerhouse E. Lockhart, just so happens to be particularly excellent, and will serve as a great conversation starter later down the road.


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