7 Unexpected Things That’ll Make Sex Less Painful

Sex can be painful. And no, I don’t just mean the very first time you have you do it, I mean in general. Hey, life comes at you fast, and maybe someone you’re hooking up with has a penis that is waaaaay bigger than the last one you fooled around with. Or maybe you’re not-so-flexible and it was never much of a problem until your partner was moving your legs this way and that during a hookup, and your joins hurt like hell.

Sometimes there’s pain with things that are pleasurable, and that’s just the way it is. But you don’t have to settle on having painful sex if there are some easily workarounds to be explored. The last thing you want is for sex to make your body feel like garbage the next day. Luckily, there are some unexpected things you can do to make sex less painful, and I’m talking beyond just using more lube. Check out these seven unexpected things that’ll make sex less painful and actually start looking forward to sex again.

You On Top

People love to think of missionary as the first level sex move, while just about anything else is inherently more advanced or sexier. I mean, if you asked someone if cowgirl position or missionary was sexier, I'm sure you'll probably have people say the former. But don't let reputation override practicality. Frankly, if you're often enduring pain during penetration, it would be helpful for you to be on top so you can have more control over the speed and depth when you two are getting it on. It might seem like advanced stuff, but trust me, give it a try.



Having your legs forced this way and that during sex is so painful. Seriously, that was one of the most painful aspects of having sex, especially for the first time, and nobody warned me about it! My joints hurt for days after my first time! That's where yoga comes in. If you stick to a regimen, yoga will help you become more flexible and will make sex a lot less of a painful venture. If you feel like an old lady after sex, it's definitely worth looking into.


Doing Foreplay For Longer Than You Think

Foreplay isn't just making out and feeling each other up before having sex. I mean, it can be if that's all it takes for you to get revved up, but you might need to be spending more time doing foreplay than you think, especially if you haven't been getting lubricated enough naturally despite foreplay. Seriously, just...spend more time on it. Do a lot more touching, get your mouth involved, etc. If you see it as fun in of itself instead of just a precursor to the fun, then you'll probably be way more interested in having a fulfilling foreplay experience too.

Some Girls


This isn't much of a sex hack, but way too many people undervalue the helpfulness of pillows during sex. Sure, it might not seem super sexy--people in movies and porn don't exactly employ pillows very often--but who cares? Quit worrying about it seeming overly earnest and not as sexy and worry about your comfort! That should be a priority. Stack em high, place them where you need extra support, and you're going to have a much more comfortable time in the sack.

Cruel Intentions

Buying A Dialator

If you're at your wits end about painful penetration, you might want to consider buying a dialotor. With the help of some lubricant, a dialator can help your vaginal muscles get used to the feeling of--to be frank--something bigger than a tampon going up your vagina. This might be especially useful if your partner is, er, well endowed. If you're worried, talk to your gynecologist ahead of time to see if they approve.

The To-Do List

Deep Breathing Exercises

Sure, you might look a little silly, but if you (and your partner) care about you having a more comfortable time during sex, it's worth it. Your painful sex could be the result of your body simply being way too tense and stressed out. Deep breathing will help relax your muscles so that you're not tensing up too much before or during penetration.

The Craft

Going To The Gyno And Making Sure Nothing Is Wrong Down There

Sometimes, a little deep breathing and pillows isn't going to solve pain during penetration. Anything from a yeast infection to endometriosis can cause pain during sex, and you deserve to know if an infection or disease is the culprit. If all else fails, head to the doctor, and hopefully you'll get the answers you've been looking for.


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