15 Gift Ideas For Beauty Lovers That Aren’t Makeup

It’s mid-November which means you’re probably considering which pair of turkey-eating pants to wear to your Thanksgiving dinner and how long you can go before you need to get a proper pair of boots. If you’re an organized person who likes to get ahead of things, you’re also probably thinking about holiday shopping. And if you’re more of a procrastinator, you’ll want to bookmark this page so you can come back to it in a few weeks when you’re in the mood to hit the shops.

If you have some beauty lovers on your holiday shopping list, the natural choice would be to buy them some amazing makeup set. I get that sometimes people don’t like to buy others makeup. Some think it’s too personal while others have no clue what colors to get. Or, maybe you did the makeup set thing last year and want to get something different. That’s where I come in.

There are lots of gifts you can get that play into someone’s beauty obsession that actually aren’t makeup. Have a look at 15 unique gift ideas for beauty lovers.

1. Fun Sleeveless Fit and Flare Dress in Black Lipstick

Buy this for $119.99 from Modcloth 

Look closely and you will see that the black dress is decorated with tiny lipsticks. How cute is that?


2. Sephora Gift Card


Buy this from Sephora

Don’t want to give eyeshadows and lipsticks? You can give a gift card that allows people to buy their own. You can choose amounts ranging from $10 to $250 and the gift cards come in cute striped pouches.


3. Conair Rose Gold 1X / 5X LED Mirror

Buy this for $29.99 from Ulta

It’s not just about what products you use. You also need to have a proper mirror to apply them in front of for a #flawless application. This one is rose gold, people. 


4. Bebe Lips & Lipstick Earrings


Buy this for $19 from Bebe

How cute are these earrings? Buy a pair for yourself then buy them for every beauty lover on your Christmas shopping list.


5. Sass & Belle You Look Mermazing Wash Bag


Buy this for $21 from ASOS

Do you know someone who loves mermaids as much as makeup? This is the gift for them. Look at the shell zip, you guys.


6. Kate Space Fleece Pajama Set


Buy this for $78 from Kate Spade

These pajamas are a bit of a splurge, but they are something that the recipient can wear forever. They’re also sooooooo soft. 

7. Lips Print Frill Blouse


Buy this for $55 from Topshop

Read my lips: This frilly blouse is adorable.


8. Face Paint: The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge


Buy this for $20.36 from Amazon

The famed makeup artist recounts the history of makeup with tons of inspiring photos. 


9. Wake up and Makeup Poster


Buy this for $4.95 from Etsy

Does your friend say the phrase all the time on Insta? Now, she can have a version to hang on her walls. You can download it so it works as a super last-minute gift. 


10. Sephora & Chill Shirt


Buy this for $18 from Etsy

Forget about Netflix. This is the shirt that will appeal to all beauty addicts who spend their weekends dreaming about new makeup products.


11. Makeup Artist Face Charts (The Beauty Studio Collection) by Gina M. Reyna


Buy this for $9.34 from Amazon

Given ’em something to help them work on their next #flawless makeup look.


12. I Came, I Saw, I Contoured Coffee Mug


Buy this for $10.82 from Etsy

That sad plain white coffee mug just cannot compete with this hilarious one.


13. Betsey Johnson Eye See You Anklet Socks Two Pack

Buy this for $14 from Betsey Johnson

You might not have thought to carry the beauty theme down to feet, but you can with these sweet ankle socks.


14. TouchUp Dimmable LED Compact Mirror



Buy this for $19 from Nordstrom

This isn’t an ordinary compact mirror. It has dimmable LED lights so foundation can be touched up in any situation.


15. Viviesta 3D Lipstick Novelty Bag 


Buy this for $19.99 from Amazon

I’m not cheating. What you are looking at is in fact a purse.


What gift is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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