15 Perfectly Unique Gifts For Weird Girls

As a certified Weirdo, I can say with certainty that asking for gifts is hard. Okay, I guess the term “weirdo” is sort of…weird. In my head, it just means a little more “unique.”  If you’re weird, you probably don’t just want a typical flannel or scarf for the holidays. I mean, obviously that’s a nice gesture and you would appreciate anything, but you appreciate things that are a little more…different. There is nothing wrong with that! You do you, girl!


Okay, there are different types of “weird girls” but odds are you are a unique girl who doesn’t want  the “typical” Xmas gift. That’s cool! You might not know what you want, so I have complied this amazing list of gifts that every weird girl would love to receive. You might not THINK you would like a cat skeleton candle, but I’m sure if you got one, you would love it. So, if you’re looking for fun and unique gifts to ask for, or give to your weirdo BFF, check these out!

1. Giant Food Plush


You can get this from Squishable for $35

I have four of these and TBH, my roommates think I’m weird but I don’t care! They are cute AF and super soft. Anyone will love these.


2. Funko Figurine


You can get this from Pop In A Box for $9.99

These little Funko figures are, admittedly, pretty weird looking. But they are also fun to collect and keep on your window sill!


3. Furry iPhone Case


You can get this from Madwell for $19.99

I personally don’t get the “furry iPhone case” fab, but it’s a pretty popular thing.


4. Space Tee 


You can get this from Nylon Shop for $26

I…love this t-shirt. Any weirdo would be into this, I’m sure!


5. Candles


You can get this from hot Topic for $34

Candles aren’t weird, obviously, but there are some weird shaped candles out there that you might be into, like this cat one that melts into a skeleton. COOL.


6. Pineapple Lights


You can get these from Overstock for $15.59

These are just very cool, and would look amazing in your bedroom or dorm room.


7. Wall Art


You can get this from Urban Outfitters starting at $49.99

Any type of wall art is awesome. I, for one, am super into this super cool bikini print.


8. Books


You can get this from Amazon for $11.99

I think most weirdos can identify with Amy Poehler, and she still offers a relatable memoir that any weirdo will love.


9. Pins


You can get this pin from Drawings By Nicole for $9

Pins are a great way to express your weird self. There are literally thousands of different pin designs, and all of them would look awesome on your denim jacket.


10. Glitter Eye Shadow


You can get this from North Star Glitters for $12.99

Glitter is really ~in~ right now, which makes it a perfect thing to ask for. Sure, it’s weird to wear glitter around, but you do you, right? I personally have, like, eight of these glitter things and they are SO FUN.


11. Socks


You can get these socks from Nylon Shop for $12.80

I know that getting socks for the holidays sort of sucks, but these days, socks are a funny and cut gift, since you can get so many different types to match your personality.


12. Plants


You can get this from Plant Shed for $37

Are you a plant mom?  I don’t really even know what that means, but plants are also huge right now, which would make a great gift for any weirdo .


13. Space Tapestry


You can get this from Urban Outfitters for $49

As I mentioned before, every weird girl loves space. You might as well show it off on your wall!


14. Neon Sign


You can get this from Urban Outfitters for $129

Neon signs aren’t too weird, but they are definitely unique, which makes this a must have for any weirdo.

12. Amazon Gift Card


You can get this from Amazon

As well all know, you can buy mostly anything off of Amazon, so if you want to wait to pick out your weird gift, ask for a gift card.


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