7 Unexpected Signs Your Vagina Has An Infection

Hands up if you always seem to be worrying about whether something is wrong? I see you, ladies. Know that you’re not alone. It seems like there’s always something to stress out about. If it’s not relationships, school, family, or money, it’s usually down there.

A vagina might be a pretty small area compared to the rest of the body, but there are a lot of different parts that can cause us major stress. One day you might be stressing about whether your period is normal, the next it could be whether you could be pregnant. Then you could be freaking out about whether you have an ingrown hair or a STD, and how to make your boyfriend’s peen fit. Oh, and then there is the worry whether you could have an infection.

If you’re concerned that something is up, go see your doctor. They will be able to figure out what is going on right away. And if something is up, they will know the best course of action to treat it. It’s much better going to see them than sitting around at home, being stressed AF, and looking at your vagina in a hand mirror every 20 minutes.

To help you get prepared for your appointment, here are seven unexpected signs that your vagina could have an infection. Take note of how many you have now, and remember them for the future.

Your Vaginal Discharge Smells Different

You might know that a change in the color discharge could indicate a vaginal infection, especially if it changes to yellowish or greenish. However, did you know that discharge can also change in smell if there's a problem down below? Chances are you might not notice a smell down there on regular days, or it just might have a mild but not unpleasant scent. If it seems to smell sour or fishy down there, that points to an infection.

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Pain In Your Stomach Or Abdomen

Don't just focus 100 percent on your vagina, because sometimes other parts of your bodies give clues about vagina infections. I know it might seem odd, but pain in your lower stomach or abdomen could be linked to a vagina infection. Remember that a lot of our organs are inside of us and the fallopian tubes and womb are up there towards the stomach which could explain the pain in the area.

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More Discharge

If you notice that you have more discharge than normal, it could indicate that you have an infection down there. Some discharge is normal because it's part of the way your vaginal cleans itself. Depending on the time of the month, you might notice more or less discharge. Try to get familiar with the patterns so you will be able to spot whether something is off.

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Pain During Sex

This is a tricky one because you might think that the physical act of sex is causing you pain when it could actually be something else going on down there. If you have tried having sex a couple of times and it still feels tender or sore down there, go see your doctor. It might not be that you're being too rough in the bedroom. It could be you have an infection.

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Pain When You Go Pee

It is not supposed to burn when you pee. If you notice some stinging down there, you might be tempted to write it off as being dehydrated so you have strong pee or that you ate something funky. Don't try to justify the burning because it actually could be a sign that you have an infection down there. Therefore, play it safe and get it checked out.

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Swelling Down There

This is why it's important to grab a hand mirror and get familiar with what your vagina looks like. That way, if you think that something is going on down there, you can check things out and notice if there is a change in appearance. Swelling down there, especially in the vulva, can sometimes be a sign of infection. And if it looks swollen down there, you will want to get it checked out right away.

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Lumps On Your Anus

You'll have to bendy or have a good mirror to see this one. Or, you might have felt something going on down there. Lumps or bumps on your anus can actually point to vaginal infections. Also, have a look to see if there are any spots on your vagina because it's likely that there will be bumps there, too. Then go to your doctor so you can get it treated.

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Are you worried about infections down there? Let us know in the comments!

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