11 Little Mistakes You’re Probably Making With Your Foundation

Foundation—you know, the makeup kind—is the kind of thing that, in theory, should be pretty difficult to mess up. Like, all you (should) have to do is pick out a color that looks vaguely like that of your own skin, squeeze some out, and rub it on your skin. Preferably with your own fingers.

But, of course, if you have ever worn foundation before, you will know that this…is not exactly the case. In fact, if you are the sort of person who considers themselves to be “good” at makeup, everything in my previous paragraph—only a vague approximation of matching foundation to skin, squeezing it out, and rubbing it in with fingers—is enough to make you cringe. There is a lot that can go wrong with foundation! But, for the record, it doesn’t have to. Check out these little mistakes you’re probably making with your foundation:

1. Applying it to unclean skin:



Try to wash (or at least blot) your skin before applying foundation. Otherwise, you’ll be applying it over the natural oils that form on your face, which will make it hard for your foundation to blend.


2. Applying it to bare skin:



If you’re using something like a BB cream, you can probably get away without using primer or moisturizer. But, if you’re using a standard foundation, you need to make sure that you’re at least putting moisturizer (and preferably primer, too) on your face before applying your foundation. If you don’t, your foundation will probably look patchy as the day goes on.


3. Applying with your fingers:



Again–if you’re using BB cream or tinted moisturizer, applying with your hands is probably fine. Otherwise, you should always use a brush or beauty blender to apply the foundation, since using your fingers can make the foundation look patchy.


4. Not matching your skin tone:



I mean, duh–if you apply your makeup, and your face, neck, and body are completely different colors, this is a pretty good sign that you haven’t found your correct skin tone. A good way to actually find the right shade is by testing it underneath the eyes, on/around the nose, and on the jawline. If you match the shade there, you’ll look good all over.


5. Not knowing your undertone:



If you know your undertone, your chances of finding a foundation that actually matches your skin tone go up. Yo can learn about your skin tone by following the tips above.


6. Not knowing your skin type:



When applying foundation, it’s also important to know what type of skin you have so you know what kind of foundation to get. Try the trick above to see what your skin type is, then look for a foundation that works with that skin type.


7. Using bronzer all over your face:



Bronzer should be used to highlight certain areas–like your cheeks–not all over the face. If you put it on all over, it’ll give you a color that’s more orange that you would probably like.


8. Putting concealer underneath your foundation:



Don’t do this! You might think it’s providing an extra layer of camouflage to whatever blemishes you have on your face, but, in reality, doing this will probably just accentuate your blemishes. Instead, put some foundation on, then follow it up with some concealer if you still feel like you need it.


9. Putting a ton of foundation over under eye circles:



If you have dark circles under your eyes, your first instinct is probably to, like, load up on foundation or concealer  to cover them up. But this isn’t actually the best way to deal with them–in fact, if you apply to much,  it’ll end up accentuating those circles. Instead, only apply a light amount of concealer, with a brush, to cover up the circles.


10. Using tinted powder to set your foundation:



This will give your makeup a heavy, over-processed look. Instead, get a translucent powder or setting spray–this will set your makeup without adding excess weight to it.


11. Not washing it off:



You probably already know this. But, just in case you didn’t, please remove your makeup as soon as you can–otherwise, it’ll sink into your skin and cause breakouts.

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