Quiz: Are You Actually An Introvert?

By this point in your life, chances are good that you have noticed at least one thing: That most people, in most cases, really love labeling themselves. You know, like, with Buzzfeed quizzes.  Sex and the City characters. (I️ am a Miranda and I️ am proud!) Love Language types. (You may win me over by spending some Quality Time with me, if you would like. Then, of course, there is the original binary—introvert vs. extrovert.


Being an introvert, if you are unfamiliar, generally means that you gain energy from being by yourself. Being an extrovert, on the other hand, indicates that you gain energy by being around other people. And, for whatever reason, people often seem more inclined to label themselves i️ntroverts. And maybe you are an introvert! But, perhaps, you aren’t. Whatever you think now, you should probably take this quiz to find out if you are really an introvert or an extrovert:


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