7 Things To Never Do When Someone Is Crushing On Your BFF

In middle school and high school, I loved playing matchmaker. Was I very good at it? Eh, managed to help facilitate the brief courtship of my BFF and this dude in eighth grade, but that’s about it. Still, I tried my best! In retrospect, I realize that this was probably a result of not having a love life of my own, so I could live vicariously through my friends instead. But it’s with that perspective that I’ve learned a lot about what to do and most importantly what not to do when you’re trying to set your friend up with someone.

I learned this the hard way when it came to a friend of mine who was absolutely in love with one of my other friends. He was seriously head over heels, and the idea of the two of them together made my heart pitter patter. So what did I do? Did whatever I could to try to get them to become an item; I helped him figure out ways to ask her out, and I subtly tried to convince her to open her mind about the possibility of him liking her. Well, suffice to say, it failed miserably. She turned him down at the beginning of ninth grade, and dude spent the entirety of his high school career pining over her and obsessing over the rejection. Meanwhile, my friends and I had no idea why she would turn him down, and we were honestly a little annoying about it. We didn’t respect her decision, and it took a little growing up and maturing to realize how awful I was about the whole thing. That ordeal definitely taught me thing or two about setting people up, and how easily you can become a monster in the process. Don’t do what I did, guys, even if you think you have everyone’s best interests at heart. Check out these seven things you should never do when someone is crushing on your BFF. Matchmaking is fun, but we can’t all be Cher Horowitz.

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