15 Incredible Gifts Every Taylor Swift Fan Needs This Year

If you’re a Swiftie (aka a Taylor Swift fan) odds are good you’re spending this weekend (and every day to come) listening to Reputation on repeat. I won’t judge! I will probably be doing the same. It just so happens that Taylor released her album right at the beginning of the holiday season. Coincidence? Doubtful. But it means that you can ask for all of the merch this year without having to buy it yourself. It’s kind of amazing!

Sure, you could be a “real fan” and buy these things right now, but honestly, being a fan is hard and expensive. So, you might want to hold off on buying some of these things, and have your parents/BFFs/ partner buy them for you. After all, it is the season of giving, right? So, if you want to celebrate your love of Taylor Swift, check out these cool Taylor-inspired gifts.

1. Reputation CD


You can buy it from Target for $15

I mean, I’m sure you have Reputation, but maybe you want another physical copy to mount on your wall? I get it.


2. The Reputation Magazines


You can buy it from Target for $19.99

The Reputation magazines are a collection of original poetry, artwork and photos of  Taylor, all in a cute little scrapbook. There are two of them, and they are a little pricey, which is why asking for the holidays is a perfect opportunity to expand your Swift library.


3. Rep Sweatshirt


You can get this from the Taylor Store for $65

These shirts look comfy AF, and will make any Tay fan happy. Plus, it’s very on-trend for the Reputation era, you’ll fit right in with Taylor.


4. Pin Set


You can get this from The Taylor Store for $20

TBH, a lot of artists have been making pins for merch and I am here for it. It’s such a cute way to show off your love, and these pins are pretty unique.


5. Photo Tee


You can get this from The Taylor Store for $45

Taylor’s Reputation merch isn’t the best (there is more coming out later!) but this shirt is pretty cute and shows off her new ~look~.


6. Stickers


You can get these from the Taylor Store for $10

These stickers are also cute, and you can throw them on your laptop or notebook.


7. I Love TS Sequin Pillow


You can get this from Etsy for $35

Okay, this is literal magic. HOW? These mermaid pillows are so pretty and perfectly show off your TS love.


8. Spray Painted Record


You can get this on Etsy for $25

This is super unique! They don’t have Reputation on vinyl yet, so you can just settle for this cool spray painted record to hang on your wall.


9. Shake It Off Bracelet


You can get this from Etsy for $16.40

We can’t forget about all of the other Swift eras besides Reputation. The 1989 era had some great lines, and inspired this pretty bracelet.


10. 1989 Tee


You can get this from Target for $16.99

I have this and it’s comfy AF. I mean, Reputation is here, but we can still show some love to 1989.


11. Albums On Vinyl


You can get this from Urban Outfitters for $25

Vinyls are super trendy, and you can get all of Tay’s past records on vinyl.

12. 22 Tee


You can get this from Spreadshirt for $27

I have wanted this since 2013, I’m not kidding. Th iconic shirt from her “22” music video is a perfect tee for any fan.

13. Song Book


You can get this from Barnes and Noble for $11.39

Has Taylor inspired you to start playing guitar or piano. Same, actually. You can get some of her song books that has chords and lyrics so you can make your own cover.


14. Coloring Book


You can get this from Amazon for $12.98

Into coloring? It’s a good way to de-stress, and this swift coloring book is a perfect way to chill out and doodle.


15. Poster


You can get this from Amazon for $29.99

Of course, you can never have enough Taylor posters!!


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