Here Are Some Comfortable Alternatives To Bras Every Girl Needs To Know About

Hi Heather,

I just realized that owning a bra is completely and utterly useless for me. My boobs are pretty small and I don’t need the support, plus they’re uncomfortable! I just wear bras to cover my nipples. Are there any other alternatives to bras I could wear?


I don’t blame you – bras are kind of the worst! I mean, sure, they can be sexy and cool, but they can also be super uncomfortable and obnoxious. So, if you don’t need to wear one for support, then why wear one? There are definitely a few more comfy alternatives, so let’s discuss them.

1. Bralettes: Bralettes are super popular right now for a reason – they’re super comfortable, lacy ones look cute peaking out under shirts, and they’re inexpensive. You can opt for a lacy, sexy bralette (I love the ones from American Eagle), or something more practical and even more comfortable (Coobie bralettes are my absolute favorite!). They’ll offer a little bit of support, cover your nipples, and look good.

2. Nipple Pasties: If your only concern is covering up your nipples and you don’t need support at all, you can wear pasties. They’ll cover ’em up, and they really don’t feel like much. Plus, there are tons of cute and quirky options out there that look really cool and fun. Like these cross ones from Bloomingdales – how badass?!

3. Bandeau: A bandeau is really similar to a bralette, except it’s strapless and usually offers a little less support, but it has the same idea behind it. The only thing I don’t love about bandeaus is that they can sometimes give off uniboob vibes, but they’re pretty great and comfy.

4. Tanks/camis with built in bras: If you don’t mind layering, another comfortable option is a tank top or cami that comes with a built in bra. These are great to wear under sweaters and they’ll keep you a little bit warmer and more comfy.

5. Wireless bras: Wireless bras are a lot more comfortable than regular bras because, well, they’re wireless. They offer a bit more support than a bralette and can push things up a little bit more.

See? Lots of options! Pick what’s right for you, and go from there.

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