12 Dumb Relationship Mistakes Literally Everyone Makes

If you are anything like me, you have always made excellent decisions in your romantic relationships. This is because I️, you see, always know what I️ want, always want what is good for me, and, of course, always communicate everything I️ am feel extremely well.

Just kidding! All of the above is categorically and unequivocally false because, like most people, I have made a good deal of poor, destructive decisions in my romantic life. We don’t have to get into them all right now—many of them involve some mix of missed connections, mismatched intentions, and very poor timing—but you can trust me that they are, uh, bad.

And I️ am sure you can relate! We all can relate, I️ am sure—Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez didn’t get back together to show how good they are at making decisions about relationships, after all. So, check out these dumb relationship things we are all, somehow, guilty of doing:

1. Picking random fights for no reason other than that, well, you can:



2. Failing to communicate any emotion you’re feeling:




3. Sweating the small stuff:



4. Jumping to conclusions about yourself and your ability to form interpersonal relationships a little too soon:


5. Getting involved with people who aren’t your boyfriend or girlfriend, but, like…they are:


6. Which means that you entertain relationship drama without actually being in a relationship:

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7. And entertain immature BS way longer than you should:


8. Like this:


9. Anyway, you probably have started putting too much stock in small, insignificant things:

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10. And doing…this:


11. And developing crushes on…everyone for…everything:

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12. But, hey. Listen. We’ve all been there! Some of us more than others:

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