8 Wild Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” Album

In case you haven’t noticed, Taylor Swift released her sixth studio album last night, titled Reputation. I know, shocker! Of course, many fans spent the night analyzing every single lyric, letter, and punctuation mark. I won’t lie… I may have been one of those fans. What can I say? Every time I think I’m out, Taylor Swift pulls me back in with catchy hooks and painfully relatable lyrics that I can’t escape. TBH, I don’t want to escape, okay?!

With all of the drama Taylor was involved with over the past year, she has been kept quiet about most of her life, until now, when her songs revealed every little thing she’s been thinking over the past 14 months. And, honestly, she’s thinking A LOT. Of course, there are a lot of theories and things you might not know about Reputation, so I’ve mapped out a couple fan theories and interesting things about the much-anticipated album. Some of them are more far-fetched than others, but all of them just go to show how complicated the mind of Ms. Swift is. And I LOVE IT.

Getaway Car Is About Calvin And Tom

"Getaway Car" is about leaving someone. And, most fans think it's about Tay leaving Calvin Harris...and going right to Tom Hiddleston. There are constant references to Tayvin " I wanted a reason / I needed to leave him" and a complicated love triangle "With three of us, honey, it's a sideshow." Obviously, neither of these relationships worked out.

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There Is A Getaway Car Music Video Coming

As you may or may not remember, Taylor was spotted filming her "Ready For It"  music video a few weeks ago in the streets of London. But..a lot of those shots never made it into the final video. One particular shot from that night, of her filming in a car, has been circulating the internet again, which has fans speculating that there is another video coming, and it could be for "Getaway Car."

Instagram: Taylor Swift

Joe Got Taylor The Necklace

Fans have speculated about Tay's mysterious necklace she's been wearing the past few months. As it turns out, Taylor makes multiple references to necklaces on Reputation. Upon further speculation, the necklace she has been wearing has a "J" engraved on it. For Joe, duh. In "Call It What You Want" she sings "I want to wear his initial on a chain around my neck/ Not because he owns me/ but cause he really knows me." And... she really did that.

Instagram: Taylor Swift

Dress Could Be About Karlie Kloss

If you have been on Tumblr, like, at all, over the past few years, you probably know about Kaylor stans. If you don't, here is a rundown: many fans think that Taylor and Karlie had a relationship in the past. Now, there is a theory that the super ~sensual~ song Dress is about Karlie. One of the lyrics is "I don't want you as a best friend" which, we as all know, Karlie and Tay are BFFs. Plus, the lyrics "You made your mark on me, golden tattoo" could be a reference to that on time when Tay and Karlie were spotted wearing matching gold temporary tattoos. This is...sort of convincing.

Instagram: Karlie Kloss

Or Dress Is About Ed Sheeran

Another one of Tay's best friends, Ed Sheeran, is also rumored to be the subject of "Dress," specifically for the lyrics "There is an indentation In the shape of you" which could be a reference to the mega popular Ed song "Shape Of You" HMMMM. Let's be honest, "Dress" is probably about Joe, her current BF.

Insatgram: Ed Sheeran

End Game Is About Ed's GF

Okay, odds are good that there isn't any romantic feelings between Ed and Taylor, since End Game makes a ton of references to his own GF/rumored fiance Cherry Seaborn. They met in grade school and become friends again when they grew up, which matches the lyrics "Now well, when I was young, we connected/When we were little bit older, both sprung."

Instagram: Ed Sheeran

The Timelines Are A Little Off

If you're confused about the romantic timing of Tay, you're not alone. A lot of the themes of the songs overlapped, making them seem like they were about the same person, but at a different time. In "Gorgeous", for instance, she sings "I got a boyfriend, he's older than us/ He's in the club doing I don't know what" which seems to be about known-clubgoer Calvin Harris. But, saying he is older also makes us think it's about Tom Hiddleston. Either way, Taylor admitted that song is about Joe, so...I don't know what to think. But it's catchy AF.

Instagram: Taylor Swift

Taylor Loves Wine

This is a proven theory. With Taylor's new album, she released two magazines that contain paintings, lyrics, and Polaroids of Taylor. And in most of them, Taylor is drinking wine. Not only that, but in multiple songs, including "Dress" and "Gorgeous" she makes references to loving wine. Go girl.

Instagram: Taylor Swift

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