8 Sex Positions You Never Knew You Needed To try

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to get real with your end of year bucket list, specifically all of the sex things you need to try before the year ends. Sure, it might not SOUND important, but it’s still something you might think about doing. This year was a roller coaster of emotions, and the lease you could do is end it on a good note and have some good sex, right? So, let’s talk about some different sex positions.

The best part about these unique sex positions is that you and your bae can try them all, and see which ones you actually like. Maybe you love them all! That’s great, more sex for you. I’m sure you want to stick to your regular sex routine, but it’s time to switch it up and try some cool new positions that you’ve probably never heard before. Maybe you have heard them, and just haven’t tried them. Now is the time! Check out these unique sex positions you should try ASAP.

The Waterfall

This is a pretty advanced position, but if your partner is down, you need to try it. Have your bae lay on the bed with their torso hanging off. Then, you sit on top, using your hands to prop you up at an angle. It will be a little tricky, but puts you in control, and your partner will love it.


Head Game

This position isn't for the faint of heart, but you might be into it. Have your partner kneel, then you raise your waist to meet theirs. Have them hold you by the waist to help keep you balanced, and have a pillow under your head so you don't get hurt.



This is another advanced position that you'll want to plan out very well, instead of just doing it on a whim. You could get hurt, but if you do it right, it will be worth it. Have your bae stand, then you lay down in front of them, and they grab your legs, pulling them upwards. Be sure to use your hands to balance yourself as you get it on.


Standing Room

If you're interested in trying something really different, you might want to check this one out. It involves being handcuffed, which may or may not be your thing. If you want to try it, go for it while you have standing sex!


Kneeling Sex

You want to be careful with this one, as it can cause some, uh, rug burn. But if you do it right, it'll be fun! Both you and your bae kneel with one leg up, wrapped around each other. Get ~close~ and use each other for balance. You can do it!


Spin Cycle

So, having sex on a washer is a pretty big thing. If you are up to you, you should try it. But, it can also be a little risky, so keep that in mind. Have your bae sit on top of the washer or dryer, and then you sit on top of their lap. be sure to hold onto something so you don't fall off!



For something REALLY unique, try doing a sex session...but blindfolded. It's different, but your bae might love the surprise aspect of it. Just be sure they are cool with it!


Bed Wheelbarrow

Be careful- this one can be rough on your neck. But, if you think you are up to it, it could be fun. Have your bae stand behind you as you use your arms to prop yourself up on your bed. Then, they hold you by your ankles and get it on.


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