11 Little Things You Must Do Before Going To Bed To Make Everything Cozier

If, for whatever reason, you were to decide that, for the next year or so, you wanted to pull a Mrs. Plumber-from-HarrietTheSpy and spend all of your time in bed, I don’t think anyone could blame you. (Based on, oh, I don’t know, literally every single thing that has been in the news recently?) Of course, this probably isn’t exactly possible for most people–chances are that you have “school” or “work” or at least “societal obligations” with your “friends and family.”

Still, the thought of spending near-unlimited time in your bed is fairly tempting, wouldn’t you say? And, because of this, you probably want to at least maximize the time you do get to spend in bed. So, check out these little things you can do before going to bed in order to make things just a little bit cozier for yourself:

1. Make sure your room is clean(ish):


It doesn’t have to be spotless–just try not to have dirty laundry, old dishes, and trash lying around.


2. And especially make sure that there isn’t a ton of clutter hanging around in your room:



I don’t know about you, but I always low-key feel like I’m being strangled if I’m trying to fall asleep that’s filled with a lot of clutter. To avoid this, make sure you toss everything that’s taking up space without serving a purpose.


3. Make everything around you as comfy as possible:



Basically, you just want to feel like you’re getting a hug from your PJs. Or something. Making the room cold will also make it easier for you to burrow into your bed and fall asleep easier.


4. Make sure your sheets are clean:



Aim to wash your sheets at least every two weeks–knowing that they’re crisp and clean will make it easier to fall asleep.


5. Light a candle:


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Want to make the room feel extra cozy? Dim the lights and light a (lightly scented or unscented) candle. Just make sure to blow it out before actually falling asleep.


6. Brew some herbal tea:


Drinking some warm chamomile tea before bed isn’t, like,  revolutionary advice. But it works! Even if you aren’t, like, super into herbal tea, sometimes the act of having a mug of something warm before getting in bug can be super soothing.


7. Do some yoga:



This helps loosen up your joints and muscles and, as a result, makes it easier to relax and fall asleep when you’re in bed.


8. Try journaling:



Stressed about something that happened today (or something you have to do tomorrow)? Try writing it down–seeing something actually written out can make it seem less intimidating, and, as a result, less stressful.


9. Wash your face:



And brush your teeth, and floss, and maybe brush your hair. Basic hygiene stuff will help you feel more relaxed, since it signals to your brain that it’s the end of the day (especially if you make it a habit).


10. Try not to look at screens right before falling asleep:



If possible, try to put your phone and laptop away before going to bed–the light that comes from your screens make your brain think it’s the morning, which makes it harder to actually go to bed. Instead, try to read a book right before going to bed to make it easier to fall asleep.


11. Make sure you actually fall asleep when you need to:



Trying some breathing exercises, like the ones above, will make it happen faster.

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