15 Weirdly Specific Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Describe Your Aesthetic For 2018

It’s hard to believe, but we have just about reached the tail end of 2017. I know it doesn’t really seem like it yet–2017 still has two-ish solid months left in it, after all–but the two months remaining are the ones that tend to go quickly, jumping from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas in what seems like a matter of days. And then it’s January! Which, if you have been paying attention to how these kinds of things work, will know means that it is brand spankin’ new year.

For many people, this is excellent news. 2017 is and was a year filled with a good deal of challenges, which means that there are bound to be a fairly hefty amount of people welcoming a new year with open arms. Of course, the concept of a “new year” is more symbolic than anything else (nothing is really going to change in any concrete way between December 31st and JAnuary 1st ) sometimes, some heady symbolism is all one needs to feel okay about things. If you, too, are excited for 2017 to end and 2018 to begin, you should probably start envisioning what you would like you see–both from yourself and others–in this new year. So, check out these weirdly specific Tumblr posts that, somehow, perfectly describe what your aesthetic should be this 2018:

1. This incredible soda fountain hack:



2. Finally finding the Doro:



3. And becoming the person in the picture who has their life figured out (for the record, it’s Mario):



4. Being right about, well, everything:



5. Always finding a creative way to deal with your problems:



6. Embodying the no-BS spirit of this child:



7. Wearing this Look whenever you can:



8. Molding your life after these real Amish feminists:



9. And following the example of these feminist heroes:



10. Knowing that, sometimes, this is just going to be the best you can do:



11. Doing the rituals from the eras you love, just, like without all the bad stuff:



12. Finding a mood tha works best for you–and not anyone else!–this year:



13. Being like the smallest, cutest toad butt (or fired chicken, depending on your perspective):



14. Starting a relationship with your bed:



15. and, obviously, being like this owl:


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