7 Weird Reasons Why Guys Might Lose Their Erections

You can be ready for sex, and bae can be ready, but things just aren’t going to happen if bae isn’t ready for sex down there. That’s right, people, I’m talking about erections.

You’ve probably discovered that sex won’t happen if your body isn’t feeling it. If you’re stressed and/or things just don’t seem to be loosening up down there, putting the P in the V is nigh impossible. Bae might not have to deal with the exact same sort of bodily functions, but he has his own to worry about. And when you’re ready, bae might have trouble getting an erection, or keeping one.

There are a number of things that can cause guys to lose their erections. Newsflash: Bae finding you unattractive isn’t one of the reasons. I’m sure that if bae had his way, he would have no trouble getting hard when you’re in close proximity to his crotch region. Here are seven reasons guys actually lose their erections.

How do you deal when a guy loses an erection? Let us know in the comments!

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