7 Weird Reasons Why Guys Might Lose Their Erections

You can be ready for sex, and bae can be ready, but things just aren’t going to happen if bae isn’t ready for sex down there. That’s right, people, I’m talking about erections.

You’ve probably discovered that sex won’t happen if your body isn’t feeling it. If you’re stressed and/or things just don’t seem to be loosening up down there, putting the P in the V is nigh impossible. Bae might not have to deal with the exact same sort of bodily functions, but he has his own to worry about. And when you’re ready, bae might have trouble getting an erection, or keeping one.

There are a number of things that can cause guys to lose their erections. Newsflash: Bae finding you unattractive isn’t one of the reasons. I’m sure that if bae had his way, he would have no trouble getting hard when you’re in close proximity to his crotch region. Here are seven reasons guys actually lose their erections.

He Is Stressed AF

Ah, stress, what doesn't it affect? It manifests itself in all sorts of ways, and that includes erections. If bae is in his head worrying about a looming assignment deadline, his fight with his mom, that weird cut on his arm, or all of the above, you can see why he would have trouble getting it up.

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His Testosterone Levels Are Off

If health class has taught us anything, it's that testosterone is the hormone guys have which allows them to grow body hair and get erections. If his hormone balance is off, that can affect performance down below. Don't sweat about it too much because if bae gets tested and finds out his levels are low, they can easily be corrected with supplements.

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He's On A Certain Medication

Have you ever read the pages and pages of fine print you get with your medications? You probably don't, but they highlight some of the random side effects you can experience. Some medications, especially those that affect testosterone, can make getting and/or keeping erections more difficult. Be aware that some medications might not even state difficulty getting erections as a side effect, but they could still be impacting bae's performance.

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He Is Nervous

Yes, bae might seem all tough and confident, but inside he could be feeling totally different. If bae is nervous, it can impact getting an erection. It's similar to the way us girls get nervous during sex then our insides seem to permanently shut. If you suspect bae is nervous, try to get him to relax and make it clear there is no pressure.

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He Put On A Condom

You might have heard some guy try to use the lame excuse that he cannot use condoms because they make him go soft. It does sometimes happen to people, but it is normally a temporary thing. Therefore, do not think that you have to go without using a condom just to keep bae hard. You don't. Give him a few seconds and possibly a quick rub, and things will be back where they were.

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He Has An Underlying Problem

I don't want to alarm you, but having difficulty getting erections or losing them could indicate other health problems. I'm not just talking about erectile dysfunction. Bae could be having difficulty staying erect because he could have diabetes, heart disease, or a condition which impacts his nerves. Even being overweight can make getting and keeping erections harder.

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He Is Under The Influence

Movies and TV have taught us that a bit of booze can help people relax in sexual situations. In reality, being drunk can actually hurt sexual performance. In addition to having more trouble focusing, drinking impacts nerves and delays reactions, so you can guess what happens down there. And even if bae manages to get it up, there's no guarantee it's going to stay up. They do call it whisky dick for a reason.

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How do you deal when a guy loses an erection? Let us know in the comments!

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