25 Stylish But Inexpensive Gifts Under $25 That Look Expensive

It’s not materialistic or silly to want the gifts you give or get to look nice and to be impressive. A lot of times, people confuse stylish items that look good with the term “expensive.” In other words, many people assume that the best gifts are the priciest gifts – and this definitely isn’t true. There are tons of stylish, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful gift ideas out there that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and I’m here to prove it to you. Because honestly, not all of us are able to ask for gifts that are over $100, and most of us definitely aren’t able to afford gifts that are that much either.

Maybe you need to pad out your own wish list with some pretty items that, while not exactly necessary for life, are still nice to have. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect small gift for a friend or family member that will make them think you spent a lot when you didn’t. Maybe you just need something tiny and inexpensive to add to a gift! I don’t know. It doesn’t matter! The below gifts are fun, stylish, and inexpensive – all of them are under $25! – but they still manage to look expensive and luxe AF. So, proof that you really can have the best of both worlds.

1. A Monogram Mug


Gilded Shapes Monogram Mug, $10, Anthropologie

At a loss for what to get someone for the holidays? A monogrammed mug is never a bad idea, especially when it’s this pretty. It’s personal, sweet, and is at a great price point.


2. An Earring Set


Stoned Piercing Set, $18, Free People

Another great to gift to give (or ask for) if you’re feeling stumped? A little set of different earrings. Small studs are perfect for basically anyone who has their ears pierced. I love this set from Free People – it’s chic, stylish, and is a really terrific value. Plus, anyone would love black and gold!


3. A Cute Beanie


Fuzzy Pompom Beanie, $19, Urban Outfitters

Everyone needs a beanie for the cold winter weather! This one is versatile, cozy, and truly adorable. Ask for it for yourself (I think I’m going to!) or buy it for a friend.


4. A Chic Crossbody Clutch


Woman’s Crossbody Clutch, $19.99, Target

How amazing is this clutch at this price? It’s stylish and ideal for the holiday season. It looks big in the photo, but it’s actually the size of a small clutch, making it perfect to use at fancier events.


5. A Cool Toiletry Bag


Getaway Toiletries Bag, $20, ban.do

Everyone could use a bag for beauty products when traveling. This one has a few different pouches and a zipper pocket, and plenty of room for everything else. I love the sassy slogan on the front.


6. Marble Phone Case


Recover Gemstone iPhone Case, $20, Nordstrom

iPhone cases are usually pretty pricey, especially when they’re this pretty to look at. But this one is only $20 and it looks like a million bucks.


7. A Cozy Scarf


Cozy and Colorful Circle Scarf, $22.99, Modcloth

Scarves are a go-to gift for me – I buy them for someone when I don’t know what else to get them, because honestly, no one can have too many scarves. This circle scarf is adorable, cozy, and perfect for a gift.


8. A 2018 Agenda


Kate Spade New York Paris Agenda, $18, ShopBop

It’s impossible to not get excited about getting organized in the new year with an agenda this beautiful. This one is small and easy to carry around so that you’ll never forget your important events.


9. A Stylish Book


Capture Your Style Book, $22, Topshop

This is a nice coffee table book (basically good to look at) but it’s also a fun read. Ask for it for yourself if you want to amp up your style, or gift it to a friend who loves fashion.


10. An Initial Pouch


Aerie Monogram Pouch, $11.16, American Eagle

A pouch makes a nice small gift because it’s something people usually don’t buy for themselves, and it really comes in handy when you least expect it. I love the personalized touch on these.


11. A Luggage Tag


Adventure Luggage Tag, $14, Topshop

If you travel a lot, you might want to ask for a luggage tag to keep your belongings safe. Or get this for someone who does travel a lot!


12. Trendy Earrings


BP. Ball Drop Earrings, $14, Nordstrom

These large ball drop statement earrings are really popular right now and make for a very cool gift. The price point on this pair is amazing.


13. Nice Hand Cream


Subrosa Hand Cream, $14, Anthropologie

Hand cream might sound like a lame gift, but it’s not. Everyone uses it (or they should) and everyone runs out of it or loses it all the time. It’s always good to stock up on, especially when the packaging is this gorgeous.


14. Cozy Mittens


Aerie Convertible Pom Mittens, $11.16, American Eagle

If you’re struggling with gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with gloves or mittens – they’re a winter necessity. This pair gives you the best of both worlds.


15. A Luxury Candle


Nest Birchwood Pine Votive Candle, $16, Nordstrom

Candles are always a nice gift because it’s something everyone will use. I like the idea of gifting a holiday/winter scent for the holidays. This Nest candle is small but gorgeous, and Nest has terrific scents.


16. A Luxe Pajama Set


Velour Pajama Set, $24.99, Target

Velour pajamas? Um, yes please. These super cozy PJs are sexy, comfy, and cute all at once – and they’re under $25.


17. Cool Incense


Starry Night Incense Set, $14, Anthropologie

I am very obsessed with this incense set. It’s nice to burn, and also, whoever gets this will never want to get rid of this gorgeous tin.


18. An Eye Mask


Twelve NYC Eye Mask, $20, Bloomingdales

An eye mask is the item everyone should be using that they probably aren’t using. This one is adorable, feels glamorous, and will help prevent aging.


19. A Cool Water Bottle


Work It Out Water Bottle, $20, ban.do

Not to sound weird, but I love this water bottle. The top makes it super easy to drink even when you’re running on the treadmill (since you can sip it) and it’s just really nice to look at.


20. A Pretty Pouch


Jet Set Shimmered Pouch, $24, Anthropologie

How beautiful are these little pouches? They’re super tiny, but anyone would appreciate them for holding stray coins.


21. A Fun Keychain


Silicone Keychain, $18, ban.do

Need a small gift? A fun keychain is a good idea – it’s cute and unique. I personally need this one in my life.


22. A Cute Mug


Clay Art Camper Mug, $5.99, Target

Hey, one can never have enough mugs! This one is so adorable and perfect for all of the cold winter days coming up.


23. A Pretty Headband


Velvet Garden Headband, $18, Anthropologie

This velvet headband is so gorgeous. Ask for it for yourself to really dress up your hair this year, or gift it to a stylish friend.


24. Velour Socks


Go Go Velour Socks, $14, ShopBop

Socks get a bad rep! I think they’re actually a good gift, because everyone always needs them. And these are pretty velour socks, which is just really nice.


25. A Small Trinket Dish


Shimmered Spots Trinket Dish, $10, Anthropologie

I love gifting pretty little dishes like these. They can be used for so many different things and they’re always so beautiful.

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