7 Signs You’re Way Too Shallow When It Comes To Dudes

Before I get started, I want to make one thing clear: It’s good to have standards when it comes to guys. In fact, it’s not even so bad to have high standards when it comes to guys. Why should you settle for someone you’re not attracted to, or someone who doesn’t impress you, or someone who never makes you laugh? But I think that it’s also fair to say that some people have, shall we say, expectations of the ideal boyfriend that are pretty divorced from reality. Hell, I like talking smack about boys being The Worst as much as the next girl, and I’m sure most dudes don’t deserve you. But at the end of the day, boys are human too. They’re imperfect and they make mistakes, just like you and me.

That brings me to this point: There’s a difference between having standards and being a shallow a-hole, and you could be covering up your shallowness with the excuse of simply “having standards.” If you can’t tell the difference, here, let me help. Check out these seven signs you’re way too shallow when it comes to guys.

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