14 Holiday Gifts That Will Help You Be More Productive

Looking for some holiday gift inspiration? If so, you’re not the only one. (Duh.) This is the time of year at which the pressure to buy things is at an all-time high–like, there are always things to buy online, but now? There is an overwhelming, almost oppressive amount of knick-knacks and tchotchkes to buy. But, if you want to give and get presents, but don’t want them to just, like, be things, you might want to consider getting some gifts that are actually useful.

Holiday gifts don’t have to have a specific purpose in order to be good, obviously. A gift could be something that is objectively one of the least useful things on the planet–like a life-size cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber back when he was a small and adorable floppy-haired child–but, if it is going to the right person, it’s certainly a better gift than something that is technically useful, like, I don’t know, an industrial-sized bucket of generic laundry detergent. But, if you manage to hit the sweet spot between fun and useful? You might just have the perfect present. So, check out some awesome gifts that are super fun to give and to get, but will still help anyone stay productive throughout all of 2018:


1. A new planner:


Buy this for $30 from Rifle Paper Co.

I mean, duh. Planners are standard, practically, for any productivity-related gift. Plus, this one is so gorgeous that you’ll definitely want to actually use it.


2. A calendar, too:


Buy this for $35 from Anthropologie

You should also look into a calendar! The ability to be able to look at the wall and check the date without having to fumble around with your phone is, in my opinion, seriously underrated. Plus, if you get a calendar that’s aesthetically pleasing–like the one above–it can serve as wall decoration.


3. Brush-on sunscreen:



Buy this for $57 from Colorscience

It might be getting colder outside, but this definitely doesn’t mean that you should eschew sunscreen altogether–sun damage still happens in the winter, after all. I really like this brush-on powder sunscreen, since it allows for quick, easy application that’s perfect for any activity from skiing to walking around a college campus.


4. A new computer mouse:




Buy this for $8.99 from Best Buy

Sure, a computer mouse isn’t, like, a super sexy present. But it can be! Plus, once you use a new wireless mouse, you’ll realize how slow your old mouse or trackpad was. (Plus plus, as you can see, some can be very, very cute.)


5. Lubricity Labs Hair Care:lubricity-labs

Buy this for $170 from Lubricity Labs

Lubricity Labs is a hair care system that helps prevent against frizz. This might not scream “productivity” to you, but, since it can help eliminate the need for hot hair tools, it can definitely save you a lot of time every day.


6. A luggage tag:


Buy this for $10 from Bando

Luggage tags are one of those things that you don’t realize how useful they are, exactly, until you start to use one–you just write your name and number on it, so, if your luggage gets lost, someone will know where to reach you. (You don’t have to have been to Paris to use it, either, though I am sure that helps.)


7. A monogrammed jewelry box:monogram-jewelry-box

Buy this for $14 from Anthropologie

If you are anything like me, you constantly have random things–earrings, bracelets, postage stamps, you name it–strewn about atop your dresser. Clear them up by getting ones of these (super cute) jewelry boxes.


8. Travel-size face oil:


Buy this for $18 from Olie Biologique

If you’re doing any traveling throughout the winter, you should get some of this face oil–it’s the perfect size to slip into a travel bag, and it gives off enough moisture to combat the dryness that comes from being on a plane. Plus, it helps you give off a nice, even glow, so you might not need to wear makeup.


9. Vitamins you’ll actually want to take:olly-girls-multi

Buy these for $13.99 from Olly

Do you want to take vitamins, but always seem to, like, forget? If so, you should ask for these multivitamins from Olly. They’re specifically geared towards teen girls, so they’ll help you get the nutrients that you need, and they taste amazing, so you won’t forget to take them every day.

10.  A popsocket:popsocket

Buy this for $14.99 from Target

This is something that you stick to the back of your phone (or phone case) to give yourself a steadier grip for texting, phone calls, watching something on the screen, and, obviously, taking selfies.


11. A travel mug:travel-mug

Buy this for $20 from Anthropologie

If you’re trying to be a little more eco-friendly this year, you should ask for a travel mug to cut down on your paper coffee cup waste. Plus, most coffee shops will give you a discount if you bring in your own mug, so it’s a great way to eliminate waste and save a little money.


12. Chip clips:Untitled-1

Buy these for $14 from Natural Life

These might not be something that you would, like, automatically buy for yourself. But that’s why you should put them on your gift wish list (or give them to someone else)! They’re great to have around the house (particularly if you’re a college student who takes a while to get through food) because they help prevent your food from getting stale and attracting bugs.


13. Phone screen wipes:whooshe-screen-shine

Buy these for $25.99 from Staples

Phone screens carry a lot of germs–plus, yours is probably looking a little greasy, right? That’s what I thought. Combat both germs and grease with these wipes.


14. A mini desk supply kit:yoobi-mini-supply-kit

Buy this for $4.99 from Yoobi

This desk supply kit has anything anyone would ever want in a tiny, adorable package, making it the perfect thing to give (or get) this year.


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