15 Fun And Unique Gifts Tomboys Will Love

I always considered myself a “tomboy” when I was in middle school. I HATED skirts, never did my hair, and only wanted to hang out with boys. Honestly, I think I took it way too seriously. The older I got, the more and more I realized that being a “tomboy” just meant that I wasn’t really into the typically “girly” things that my sisters were into. And that was fine!

As soon as I got to high school, I did sort of change my view and became a little “girly” but TBH, you should dress and act however you want to, no matter what you identify as. Sure, the term “tomboy” is a little silly, but it just means that you don’t want to give into typical gender stereotypes. I know, I don’t mean to get all preachy here. The point is that you should express yourself however you want. And some people like to be like tomboys! 

If you consider yourself a tomboy, then you might be struggling to figure out what you want for the holidays this year. There is a lot you could ask for, but you want to make sure it’s something you would really use, right? So, if you’re a tomboy, you should ask for these gifts this year. Or, you could give them to the tomboy in your life. Whatever you want! I promise, you’ll love these.


1. Joggers


You can get these from Urban Outfitters for $39

Joggers are comfy and fashionable, which makes them the perfect not-so-girly look for anyone. You can pair them with basically anything, which is why they are so versatile.


2. Speakers


You can get these from Best Buy for $9.99

Everybody loves music, right? No matter what your taste is, speakers are a great way to amp up your musical vibes.

3. Phone Case


You can get this from Urban Outfitters for $45

A phone case is a great way to show off your personality. There are so many designs out there, and each one can help you ~express~ yourself.


4. Loot Crate


You can subscribe to Loot Crate here for $15.99 a month

Listen, Loot Crate is cool. I had it for a while and it was awesome. It’s a subscription service that sends you a package of cool “geek” gifts every month, like Harry Potter merch and video games.

5. Long Sleeved Tee


You can get this from Nylon Shop for $51

Be a bad ass, with a ~soft~ side in this cute but edgy tee, perfect for any tomboy.

6. Tomboy Tee


You can get this from Nylon Shop for $40

If you would rather be more upfront with your tomboy life, get a shirt like this. Easy!

7. Plants


You can get these from Ikea for $7.99

Plants are really cool, an a great gift for anyone. They add life to your room, and you can give them cool names. Do people still name their plants? I don’t know. I do though


8. A Record Player


You can get this from Bloomingdale’s for $64

Just like speakers, a record player is a must-have for anyone at this point. Plus, they look cool and retro.


9. A Skateboard


You can get this from Penny Skateboards for $77.99

Fun fact: I was in skate club in high school! I didn’t know how to skate though. But, skateboards are fun, so you should try it out.

10. Video Games


You can buy this from Urban Outfitters for $26

I, personally, played a ton of video games when I was in middle school. Obviously, they are a lot cooler and more advanced now, and there are literally thousands of options out there. If you can’t pick one, go with an old-school classic, like Frogger.

11. Boy Brow


You can get this from Glossier for $16

If you sort of want to get into makeup, but you’re also a little freaked out, I hear you. Try some low-key makeup products, like boy brow from Glossier. It’s subtle, but a good way to start getting into makeup.

12. A Camo Jacket


You can get this from Forever 21 for $11.90

Camo has been making a pretty big comeback, and a giant, oversized camo jacket is trendy and bad ass.

13. Sneakers


You can get these sneakers from SIX 02 for $116

Sneakers are also a huge trend right now, since they make anyone look ~fresh~ and cool.

14. Flannel


You can get this from American Eagle for $49.95

Flannels are just essential to any tomboy. They keep you warm in the winter, and can be worn over jeans or a dress, if you’re into that!

15. Comfy Beanie


You can get this from Urban Outfitters for $10

You also need to keep your head warm this winter. Beanies are a chill way to do that.

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