7 Weird Things That Can Help You Have More Sex

If you are a human person who lives in the world, chances are good that, at some point or another, you have found yourself wondering how, exactly, you might go about improving your sex life. For you, that could mean having more orgasms. It could also mean helping your partner have more orgasms. Or, possibly, it could just mean having more sex.

If the latter one really speaks to you, no judgment! Sometimes, quantity over quality really is the way to go. (As long as, as always, there is consent on both ends and everyone is legal and all that.) And, if you are wondering how, exactly, you might go about having more sex, you might want to look to, um, a science journal. There has been (surprisingly? Unsurprisingly?) a lot of scientific research done on what makes people have more sex. And some of the things could surprise you! Check out what they are here:


Smoking Marijuana

For most people, "marijuana" doesn't exactly automatically correlate with "aphrodisiac." But, apparently, it could be. According to a study published last month in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which surveyed men and women on how often they had sex in the four weeks prior to the survey and how frequently they used marijuana in the past year, marijuana use increased the chances of having sex for both men and women. The study did not explain why marijuana leads to increased sex, so I am going to editorialize a bit here and say that this is probably due to correlation, not causation--like, you're not going to smoke one time and immediately become, a sex-having maniac. (And, even if that were the case, it shouldn't be your main motivation to smoke marijuana--some research indicates that smoking weed can inhibit brain development in teens.) Still, it's interesting!

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Getting More Sleep 

Need an excuse to press snooze in the morning? This could be it--according to a study that examined the correlation between sleep and sex in college students, for people in romantic relationships, every hour of sleep corresponded to higher sexual desire, greater vaginal lubrication, and a 14 percent increase chance of having sex the following day. This isn't super surprising--more sleep makes you feel more energized--but it could serve as some extra motivation to get some more sleep.

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Being A "Creative Type"

In news that is probably not surprising to anyone, people who identify as "creative" tend to have a greater amount of sexual partners throughout their lives. 233 percent more sexual partners than non-creatives, to be exact. According to the study's leader, this is because "very creative types lead a bohemian lifestyle and tend to act on more sexual impulses and opportunities, often purely for experience's sake, than the average person would." Cool!

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Having An Associate In Arts Degree

According to a University of Chicago stud, people with Associate in Arts degrees (AKA the degree you get from finishing a two-year program) have 32 percent more sex than people who did not finish high school and those with advanced degrees.  Obviously, don't let this hold you back from going to grad school if that is your dream--sex is fleeting, but your degree lasts forever!--but if you're going to, say, law school in hopes that it will increase your chances of getting it on, you might want to rethink that.

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Being ~Spiritual~

If you are "spiritual" in the vague, nebulous way that means different things to different people and, as a result, doesn't really mean anything at all (you know, like, you do yoga, carry tarot cards around with you, and have dabbled in witchcraft), congratulations! You're probably having more sex than other, non-spiritual people. According to a study done at University of Kentucky, being "spiritual" had a greater chance of increasing women's chances of having sex than religion, impulsiveness, or alcohol.

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Living In Miami

If you often find yourself moved by the music of Pitbull and need just one more reason to convince you to move there, know this--people who live in Miami have more sex than people in most other cities. 102 times a year, to be exact, which is greater than New York (85 times a year), San Francisco (21 times a year), and the Twin Cities (64 times a year).

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Eating Grilled Cheese

Do you love grilled cheese? (Who doesn't!!) If so, you will be happy to know that, according to a survey from the dating and social networking site Skout, people who love grilled cheese have sex more than people who don't. Look. I'm not questioning it, and neither should you.

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